7 Hilarious Stories Of Instant Karma That’ll Brighten Up Your Day

For those who believe that karma is real, it can sometimes be very fun to watch or experience first hand, especially when the universe is taking care of some kind of social justice for you. Here are seven epic stories from Reddit about instant karma that’ll remind you that The Force is alive and well, and that payback can be a gift or a bitch, depending on which side of karma you’re on…


Game respect game

“Today, my son and I went to Wal-Mart to get a new game for his DS. We got to the cash register I noticed the woman in front of me was upset. Her card had been declined and she was purchasing formula.

My son is fascinated with babies so he was talking to the woman about her little girl. He put the game down and handed her his money and said, ‘Your baby needs food more than I need Plants Vs. Zombies.’ My heart swelled at this, so I got the game anyway.

Well, as we were walking out, a lady approached us and said she saw what he did and gave him an envelope and said open it when you get home. When we got home, there was a $100 bill and a note that said ‘You deserve this young man!'”

– JeffreyGlen


Super trooper

“I was in the passing lane on the highway slowly coming up on a couple of cars in the right lane. The speed limit was about to decrease ahead and the another car came up behind me going pretty fast. Instead of gasing it to get ahead of the traffic to my right I slowed down and pulled in behind them, with the car behind me right on my ass.

Once I got into the right lane the car floored it and passed me honking the horn and the passenger’s body was half out of the car window yelling at me and flipping me off as they passed. Turns out the car I pulled in behind was an unmarked state trooper who promptly pulled them over. Justice.”

– yesidumbx100


Gotta pay to leave

“I’m an old guy and I use [sic] to buy newspapers. One day I paid for one, but took two papers (because I was sick of co-workers rifling through MY paper). As I walked off with both newspapers, I noticed that my shirt tail got stuck in the newspaper box when it slammed shut. I had to put in another $0.25 to get my shirt out.”

– AdolphManson


Every bill is a winner

“Was out for dinner with my then-fiancee (now wife) and her dad, my (now) father-in-law. He’s a bit of a dick to her, he got divorced and re-married, loves those kids more than my wife, gives her sh*t over too many things, etc. etc. So we’re at the end of dinner, father-in-law offers to pay for the meal. Okay, that’s nice. My wife asks to get her leftovers boxed and she’ll take them home. He starts with ‘well, you’ll just leave them in the fridge, then they’ll just get thrown out, blah blah’. I tell him ‘Listen, it’s not your fridge, leave her alone’. (She and I live together at this point.) He gets all mad, ‘Don’t tell me how to raise my daughter!’ I reply ‘Then don’t speak to my fiancee that way!’ He literally throws the bill and folder thing at me and says ‘FINE! YOU F*CKING PAY THEN’ and storms out.

Okay, now everyone is pissed. I am, my fiancee is saying ‘why did you have to start something??’ etc. So I pay the bill and I’m just waiting for the receipt. Like we’re waiting 10 minutes here, what the hell is going on? Tensions are rising, her dad is waiting outside, just building up steam and ready to blow once we get out there. I ask the waiter, ‘Can I just get our bill and go?’ ‘Oh no sir, you have to wait for the manager.’ Turns out they have a contest running where ‘every bill is a winner’. Normally you’ll win a free drink or appetizer with your next meal. Well we won the MOTHERF*CKING GRAND PRIZE, a trip for four to Florida. Whoever pays gets the prize.


– Anonymous


Delayed instant karma

“I saw this lost dog sign in the neighborhood… the dog had a distinct face, so when I saw it, only a few blocks away, I was like… no sh*t. So I picked it up and took it home. The whole damn family was there, and they all cried and thanked me.

The next week when I started a new year of high school, the husband/ father was my English teacher. I didn’t do sh*t and made an A in that class…”

– Anonymous




“Me, my brother, and our friend decided to be funny and get on an elevator ahead of our other friend so we could get to the hotel room first and lock our other friend out for sh*tz n giggles. We got trapped on the elevator for an hour and a half while our other friend that we ditched got to chill by the pool for that time. I guess we deserved it.”

– Lemonface


Million dollar baby

“We went out with my uncle and his family for dinner at a really nice restaurant in Dallas/Ft Worth. There were seven of us eating and we were all drinking wine and really just trying to see how much we could spend on one dinner I guess. This increasingly drunk guy from the bar kept coming up to our table and making conversation, commenting on how awesome my six-month-old son is etc… By the end of the night he really starts to get annoying and my uncle is discussing with us whether or not he should say something, but we tell him no don’t worry about it he is just having a good time, he seems like a good guy.

So when it comes time to pay our bill the waiter just says ‘have a nice evening thanks for coming in.’ My uncle and I are confused and ask the waiter about the check, he tells us that the guy that kept coming up to us paid our tab and that it was already done and nothing we could do about it, he evens tells us that the guy does this all the time. Our bill was 1500 bucks.

My uncle sought the guy out in cigar room and gave him a big hug and the guy just said ‘you have such a beautiful family, pay it forward sometime.’ The guy even tipped the waiter some crazy amount from the look the waiter gave us. So I learned always be nice to the loud drunk guy in bar, you never know who is a millionaire.”

– spickett84

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