The 7 Hottest Female Villains On TV

Villains are always hotter than good guys, am I right? we’re moving to TV, since we have a thing for bad girls and  like to be comprehensive. Here are seven of the hottest lady villains to ever grace the small screen.


1) Catwoman (Julie Newmar) – Batman

Julie Newmar was the sexy foil to Adam West’s basically asexual Batman. I’m not even sure how her body was physically possible. It seemed to deny the laws of physics and anatomy. She brought her dance background to the role, making Catwoman the lithe villain we still know today.


2) Catwoman (Eartha Kitt) – Batman

Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman is a little less flirty and a little more threatening. I also think she has the sexiest Catwoman voice of any woman who’s taken on the role.


3) Sophie-Anne Leclerq – True Blood



Queen Sophie-Anne isn’t particularly evil, but she is a self-serving vampire, which leads one to do some terrible things, including attempting to capture the protagonist and drain her of all her blood. She dresses like an Old Hollywood star, flirts as she breathes, and lives like Louis XIV. And yeah, she has Evan Rachel Wood’s gorgeous face.


4) Cersei Lannister – Game of Thrones


Cersei Lannister will do anything to protect her family, namely her brother/lover and her spawn-of-incest, soulless children. She’s played by the gorgeous Lena Headey, and despite being cruel and power hungry, I always end up somehow rooting for her. I’m not caught up with the last season (I got busy, okay?) but I saw that her hair got cut off and that’s very sad. I liked her hair, I hope it grows back.


5) Faith – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy’s dark-haired foil, Faith is the person Buffy might have been if she’d had a different upbringing. And while Faith is a vampire slayer too, she comes from an abusive, traumatic background and would rather hang out with demons than have nice friends. She’s rebellious, funny, and looks like Eliza Dushku, so she definitely belongs on this list.


6) Number Six – Battlestar Galactica


Wait, do Cylons have genders? Like in their hearts? Or was that just to fit in with humans? Oh boy, I could discuss this all day. Anyhow, all the lady Cylons are smokin’ hot, but none as much as Six. It’s easy to see why Baltar would help the Cylons end the world when they look like Tricia Helfer. I’d destroy my civilization for her, too.


7) Katherine Pierce – The Vampire Diaries


Katherine is the sexier, more evil version of The Vampire Diaries‘ protagonist, Elena. I like to think that if I ever meet an alternate version of myself, I’d be the sexier, eviler one, too. Katherine is one of the most powerful and ruthless vampires in history, using her beautiful looks to make people (or vampires) fall in love with her and do her bidding.

Who’s your favorite hot TV lady villain? Did I miss any good ones? Tweet me @erikaheidewald and let me know! I love a lady villain. I dream about them. Nothing creepy.

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