“I’m the boss.” —Andy Samberg and Seth Rogen, from “Like a Boss

No matter where you’re going, these monsters will have you completely covered…



1939 Ford Woodie 4×4

It should go without saying that a proper Woodie wagon with a surfboard on the roof is right at home on any beach. This one takes it a hell of a lot further, though. Its legit Woodie body was rebuilt and mounted to a 1992 Chevy Suburban chassis and has a fresh V8 under the hood, so it’s good to go wherever you want. [See more]

Boar Conversion Jeep Wrangler Pickup

The relative merits of a Jeep Pickup are hard to argue against: you can seat four people (mostly) comfortably, then toss your cooler/grill/camping equipment in the back and head to the beach or the lake. This is coated in Kevlar, so you can actually drive straight into a forest with no pathways and you won’t even get a scratch. [See more]

Supercharged Hummer H1 on tracks

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter if you’re on snow, sand, or in a giant mud pit somewhere—it’s virtually impossible to get stuck in this thing unless you’re trying to. According to the seller, this is one of just 20 H1s with a supercharger instead of a turbo, and those treads it’s sitting on cost over $38,000 when first put on a couple years ago. [See more]

Restored 1996 Tacoma 4×4

Don’t think of this as a 19-year-old Toyota Tacoma with $20,000 worth of aftermarket off-road goodies on it. Think of it as a newer, bigger, better version of the truck Marty McFly got in the new 1985. [See more]

Starwood’s NightHawk Jeep

If this Jeep looks vaguely familiar, that’s because you’ve seen its cousins before. Starwood generally takes brand new Jeeps and converts them into terrain-munching, zombie-kiling, luxury machines. This one’s no different. Once you’re through staring at the Kevlar-lined exterior, there’s a pretty sweet interior that’s worth a second or third look. [See more]

F-650 Mega Truck

Is this thing actually called a “mega truck?” No. But there’s really no other word that properly sums up something that’s got six doors, rides on a suspension designed for military use, and can act as a shelter in case of severe weather. [See more]

2000 Toyota 4Runner

This might be the smallest truck listed here, but it’s also probably the most serious. It’s got a supercharger for extra torque, a snorkel for when you’ve misjudged the depth of a river, and extra lighting for when you can’t figure out how to get out of whatever jungle it’s in. Basically it’s the TRD 4Runner Toyota would build if it didn’t have to worry about things like “warranties.” [See more]


I’m digging the hell out of that Tacoma, but I’ll stick with my ’86 K10 as far as the rest are concerned.

Had a Toyota Surf Monster truck 8 inch lift with huge mud plugger tyres

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