7 Kinds Of People Who Need To Get The Hell Off Tinder

You’re ruining something that wasn’t great to start with.
1. The people who aren’t on Tinder to date.

Maybe it’s reverse psychology?




2. Kids.

Can’t you youngsters just stick to Snapchat?




3. Naked picture beggars.

The internet is almost entirely made up of pornography and it’s right there at your fingertips, don’t ruin someone’s day by pleading for nude pics. (PS: It’s “Eddard of the House Stark,” you desperate loser.)




4. Shameless self-promoters.

But specifically Zedd.




5. The faceless.

No one is such an excellent conversationalist that they don’t need a face.




6. Bots.

Sure, bots might not be people, but they’re programmed by people. (At least I hope they are, if not we could be in a SkyNet situation.)





Which brings me to the last kind of person who needs to get off Tinder…




7. Parody accounts.

Please stop.

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