7 Major World Events That Predicted Total Chaos But Never Actually Came True

Seriously, read “Brave New World” and tell us it’s not happening.

Mix in a good dollop of 1984.

Some spices from Grapes Of Wrath.

commence crying.

Major world events have come and gone, most of them building up unprecedented loads of chaos that never actually came true, but it’s nice to have something to look forward to, right?

From national historians and renowned scientists to George Orwell’s scribblings and a bunch of Jesus freaks, there have been a number of folks tossing out predictions from upcoming major world events, be it meteors hurtling towards Earth and the end of mankind or the simple invention of flying spacecraft. Regardless of what or whom you believe in, one thing is for certain: Nobody could’ve ever predicted Donald Trump would be considered unfavorable by the American people.  NO ONE. EVER.

Check out some of our biggest historic marks that never actually happened, starting with my personal favorite: Y2K, a day that came and went like a Tuesday afternoon at a strip club buffet. Because without these foretold events of immense proportions, our lives become clearly more meaningless. And The Leftovers would be way more original.



The countdown was on, like Christ was dying all over again, leaving us to reset our clocks and lives to zero. We hoarded supplies, built bomb shelters, cut family members out of the bunker, but when the clock struck midnight: nothing.


The Rapture

Right before the myth of 2012, we saw another convenient end times moment debunked, this one out of holy scripture: The Rapture. Christians wholly believed that May 21, 2011 would be the day all believers, living and dead, would rise during the Second Coming. It was just like The Leftovers in that nobody had a clue what they were talking about, except nobody in real life went anywhere special.


The year 2012 has a whole section in libraries dedicated to the mythology brought on by ancient Mayans that December of 2012 would bring a series of world-ending catastrophes, including floods. Yet, most of us awoke the next day without a scratch. Wish we hadn’t gotten so worked up watching John Cusack in 2012.

Flying Cars

This is about as close as we got to those flying cars we were promised. In theory, it’s for the best since half of us are still drunk driving, despite Uber and Lyft. At least we’re getting pizza delivered by self-driving cars soon. That’s a great use of technology: obesity.


Michael J. Fox all but promised us hoverboards by the year 2015. Once again, we were disappointed that hands-free Segway is as close as we’ve gotten, since those people look like absolute douchebags.

First Dude

The eve of the election, we were pretty certain Slick Willy was getting back in the White House. Ironically, something much more chaotic happened instead.

Halley’s Comet

A recurring event in our solar system, Halley’s Comet has long been the discussion of world-crushing natural events. It’s visible close to every 75 years, but sometimes scientists get all worked up about it crashing into Earth. Why don’t we just focus on North Korea right now and leave the big rock stuff to a higher power, hmm?

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