7 Marvel vs. Capcom Secrets You Never Knew Existed


The fighting game is a crowded stable of chaotic brawlers. By the early 90s, Capcom had already seen success with Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, so they decided to expand on the idea by bringing other characters along for the ride. What started with 1994’s X-Men: Children of The Atom would eventually give way to Marvel vs. Capcom, one of Capcom’s most popular franchises and the ultimate “what-if” simulator that finaly proved that Wolverine would absolutely Ryu in close quarters combat.

Spanning from arcades to consoles over the course of 23 years, the games have pleased generations of fighting fans. Super and hyper combos and tag team fighting with dozens of characters from across the spectrum – some of whom were even pulled out of obscurity – helped the series become a unique spectacle in the genre in its early days. With the latest release, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite finally dropping later this September thanks to Disney easing up on Marvel’s choke chain, here’s some fun facts about the series that you might not know. Or maybe you do and you like things you already know. Fight me.

1. Disney Infinity almost ended the Marvel vs. Capcom series

This is unexpected to say the least. After Ultimate MVC3 was released in 2012, Disney decided to not renew its licensing deal with Capcom, instead wanting to integrate Marvel characters into its figure-based game Disney Infinity. This caused MVC3 and the previously released port of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to be pulled from online game retailers. By 2016, Disney decided to can Infinity and license Marvel characters out again; so yes, those Lone Ranger figure sets almost killed Marvel vs. Capcom.

2. The Legend of Tomichin

The Marvel vs. Capcom games have their fair share of secret fighters, but none are as perplexing as Tomichin. He was a parody of designer Atsushi Tomita who worked on every game leading up to Clash of Superheroes that just so happens to look like Bert from Sesame Street. Code for his sprite was found buried in the game years later and a booklet bundled with Arcade versions came with a fake move list that you can see above. This boy really had a move called “I’m Sorry, I Forgot”.

3. COTA-94 Sentinel is a callback to Children of The Atom

Depending on when you first started playing these games, Sentinel is either a blessing or a curse on the franchise. The team of Magneto/Storm/Sentinel turned Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on its head, but it turns out that it might be because this Sentinel has experience under his belt.

The MVC Sentinel – codenamed CODA-94 – has been the same throughout the series since its first appearance in X-Men: Children of The Atom. It wasn’t officially called by name until MVC3, but the character model is the same throughout, so I choose to believe.

4. Frank West lag

Dead Rising protagonist and deadliest photographer in the world Frank West was one of 12 characters added to Ultimate MVC3, but he was supposed to be in the game even earlier. West can be seen riding a helicopter with Chun-Li in early trailers for the original MVC3, but his moves reportedly caused heavy lag and Capcom decided to hold him back and tone his moves for the upgrade. He’s covered wars and frame rates.

5. Sonson is inspired by Sun Wukong from Journey to the West


Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is the only game in this canon to feature original characters. Amingo and Ruby Heart were fun characters never seen before (even though they were rumored to be rejected Darkstalkers characters) but Sonson might’ve been the most intriguing of the three. Some fans think she’s from a Capcom game coincidentally called Son Son, but she’s based on Sun Wukong from the Chinese story Journey to The West, if the monkey tail and staff weren’t dead giveaways.

6. Magneto’s “House of M” costume pissed off the King of Spain

Shortly after UMVC3 dropped, Capcom began releasing small costume packs for each of the 48 characters. Cablepool, Weapon X Wolverine, Arthur in samurai armor, you name it. But Magneto’s costume – styled after his appearance in the House of M comics – got a response from Juan Carlos I, the former King of Spain. Capcom removed the costume to avoid legal action, so Magneto is the only character in the game without a seventh costume option.

7. Super Skrull was originally supposed to be the Human Torch


Throughout this series’ history, the Fantastic Four have never shown up in the roster. The Super Skrull being added to MVC3 was the closest Capcom came, but did you know that he was originally supposed to be the Human Torch? Johnny Storm had his character model and most of his moves completed, but his animations (i.e. all that fire) apparently took up too much memory.

Capcom suggested that they kill two birds with one stone by turning him into the Super Skrull, which led to the shape-shifting maniac finding his way into the game. As long as Fox is holding the movie rights and Ike Perlmutter still feels like blacklisting them out of spite, this is probably the closest thing to the Fantastic Four we’ll be getting in these games any time soon.

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