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7 Movies That Flopped (And Deserve A Second Chance)

We all know people will pay to go see awful movies. That can be kind of annoying, but whatever; people can spend money on whatever they want. The part that becomes a real bummer, though, is when people don’t spend their money on movies that they should see. How else are interesting movies going to keep getting made if they aren’t supported? That’s why, for the love of God, here are some box office flops you should give another chance!

Hot Rod

hot rod pre-jump

Hot Rod is hilarious, in the same way that Billy Madison was hilarious — the plot is ridiculous and nonsensical, they give the female characters very little to do, and a lot of the jokes are bad. But the ones that are good? Oh baby, are they ever good! I laughed as hard at this movie as maybe any movie I’ve ever seen, just not nearly so consistently. Also, good for them for recognizing that Ian McShane deserves to be in comedies.


will smith and margot robbie

Yeah, sure, the chemistry between stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie isn’t great (or really there at all) but they’re both good on their own, and Focus is a pretty serviceable con movie that does a nice job keeping you guessing as to whether the character motivations actually are what they say they are. Also, The Canon podcast pointed out that it’s a movie for grown-ups, and if audiences want more movies like this to be made (about adults who don’t have super powers) they shouldn’t punish them just because they’re not absolutely perfect.

Edge Of Tomorrow

tom cruise looks nervous

Edge of Tomorrow didn’t tank, exactly, but it sure as hell wasn’t a hit. And that’s ridiculous, because it was a critically beloved Tom Cruise action movie that was better in every than his way more successful action movie franchise, Mission: Impossible. This movie’s on HBO right now, so go watch it. It is the most charmed you will ever be by Tom Cruise.

Speed Racer

emile hersh looks mystified

Speed Racer is a bold, visually dazzling remake of an old cartoon that is absolutely worth watching, even if you end up hating it. I mean, the Wachowskis are still the people who made The Matrix; even their bad movies end up being absolutely worth watching.


poster for grindhouse

Grindhouse comes with a caveat — watch it in a movie theater. The experience of seeing a couple of kind-of crappy grindhouse features (Robert Rodriguez’s movies work a lot better under the pretense that they’re supposed to be kind of bad) including faux-trailers for other crappy old B-movies is really great, and way better than just watching the movies separately, alone at home, sans trailers (which might be the best parts of the whole experience).

Bullet to the Head

stallone’s face in bullet to the head

Bullet to the Head is dumb as hell, in a way that movies aren’t really anymore. A cop teams up with an assassin to blah blah, the fourth billed actor shows her boobs, and a whole bunch of people get shot while our heroes survive almost unscathed. This is the kind of movie I grew up on, watching in the basement of my friend’s house after his mom went to bed. Is it a good movie? No. Is it really dumb and a lot of fun? Hell yes.

Premium Rush

Michael shannon up close

While it’s legitimately good and very well received by critics, Premium Rush still ended up tanking in theaters. That can probably be chalked up to the plot — who’s super into a movie about a bike courier beating up gang members and corrupt cops via bike stunts? But the stunts are actually really cool, and Michael Shannon as the bad guy is at his insane, Michael Shannon best. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually learned to ride a bike for this, so don’t make him have done that in vain!

Planning on checking out any of these movies? Let us know in the comments!


7 Movies That Flopped (And Deserve A Second Chance)

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Edge Of Tomorrow…… The Manga was way better.

My kids recorded Speed racer and watched it over and over. I hated it from the first showing.

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