7 Movies And TV Shows That Were Banned For Weird Reasons

7 Movies And TV Shows That Were Banned For Weird Reasons

If you think the various governments of the world have been making some shady laws lately, just wait until you see how some of them justified banning these innocent, educational, and highly entertaining movies and TV shows. #Resist #NotMyModernFamily


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

One of the most beloved family films of all time, E.T. was banned from Norway, Finland, and Sweden because their governments claimed it portrayed adults as enemies of children. (But aren’t they though?)


Sesame Street

Sesame Street was banned in Mississippi when it first came out in 1970 because, as the State Commission for Educational Television explained, “Some of the members of the commission were very much opposed to showing the series because it uses a highly integrated cast of children.” Sesame Street was released from its ban about a month later, but still. AAAHHHHHHHH WTF?!


Barney’s Great Adventure

The Malaysian government banned everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur from bringing music and life-lessons to its citizens because it was deemed “unsuitable for children”. The government has never elaborated on their reasoning, and the film is still banned there. (This is probably why we still haven’t gotten the necessary sequels Barney’s Greater AdventureBarney’s Greatest Adventure, or Barney’s Last F*cking Adventure Because He’s Retiring Bitches).


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

China banned Dead Man’s Chest because of its “portrayal of cannibalism”, and the China Film Bureau was also not down with all the “souls of the dead” that made up Davy Jones’ army.


Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s live action version of its classic film Beauty and the Beast was banned in Kuwait earlier this year due to director Bill Condon choosing to portray the character LeFou, played by Josh Gad, as gay.


Back to the Future

China has also banned Back to the Future, because the country in recent years has decided to forbid films and television with themes of time travel because, according to reports, Chinese officials in charge of censorship claim they “lack positive thoughts and meaning”. (Wait, did they even WATCH Back to the Future before banning it?! Because it does not sound like they did.)


Modern Family

It’s probably not THAT surprising to hear that Iran banned Modern Family because of the show’s depiction of same-sex couple Cam and Mitchell. What IS surprising is that the country opted to create their own version of Modern Family to replace it, called Haft Sang, which is legit basically a shot-for-shot remake that simply leaves out Cam and Mitchell’s characters altogether.

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