7 Not-So-Scary Sex Toys Men Can Be OK With Their Lady Bringing Into The Bedroom

7 Not-So-Scary Sex Toys Men Can Be OK With Their Lady Bringing Into The Bedroom

For those of us who have such an epic sex life that we feel comfortable when the woman brings her toys to the bedroom, good for us. For the rest of you poor suckers, there are some not-so-scary sex toys men can be OK with their lady bringing into the bedroom.

From simple vibrators and magic wands to more elaborate setups and lubricating ideas, we’re doing the best we can without going too deep down the sexual rabbit hole into the dungeons of BDSM and other sex-related things you’re not ready to learn from us.

If your love life is missing an ingredient, if you’re feeling a little bored when you’re naked or if you’re just plum out of old cheap moves, try these 7 sex products, including some Pokemon-inspired toys and lubrication, to make it all better. Should your lady love your enthusiasm, you’re welcome. And should she dance upon a blaming pile of your burning clothes and sleep with all your friends out of spite, well, you only have yourself to blame there, buddy.


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Who says sex toys can’t indulge your inner child? This Pokemon Go-inspired sex toy line is brightly goofy and oddly inviting to newbie sex toy operators. This should spawn a whole new cult of sex-addicted weirdos hiding sex toys in public.


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Let’s start simple with the dual G-spot stimulator and clitoral vibrator. Guys, you can use this on your girl (with her permission, of course). Odds are she’ll never ask to see your peen again.

Great reviews, including “easy to use and clean, AND it’s pretty quiet!”

Magic Wand Original

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The OG in magic wands to replace your not-so-magic wang, The MagicWand Original is every girl’s best friend that she might introduce you to, should your relationship reach those heights (or depths). It may be the closest you get to a threesome so take it.

A&E Deluxe Magic Massager

Photo:  Amazon

Similar to the Magic Wand, this is an expansion on the idea as a deluxe. When we hear “deluxe” referring to lady toys, it just sounds like big and tall for women’s vaginas.

It’s actually Adam & Eve’s strongest vibrator with eight modes. So good for everyone.


We-Vibe Sync Massager

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We-Vibe has brought Apple into your relationship as its vibrator has Beat Mode, so to speak, that pulses to the beat of your favorite music. Nothing like being able to beat off to Justin Bieber music after all these years of beating off to his goofy face, right?

Candy Gag Ball

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One big problem in the bedroom: too much talking. That goes both ways, ladies and gents. The gag ball serves a number of purposes, mainly just getting drool all over your pillowcase before you go to sleep.

Hog Tie & Cuffs

Photo: Amazon

Once you’ve gotten over your fear of vibrating things (or perhaps in lieu of them), Sportsheets has a 5-piece set of hog ties and cuffs that will spice up the sack for both of you.

Make sure you pee prior to using this. Also, don’t lose the keys. We recommend you make extra copies and Home Depot and tell everyone in the aisle what they’re for.

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