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7 People Who Sued Their Own Parents

7 People Who Sued Their Own Parents

The girl who sued her parents for posting embarrassing childhood pictures on Facebook

An 18-year-old girl from Austria is taking her parents to court for posting over 500 photos of her on Facebook since 2009 without her permission. The unnamed teen had apparently become fed up with her parents’ refusal to take down private and embarrassing photos of her dating back to when she was a toddler and is now seeking justice in court.

She claims that even though she was 11-years-old when her parents started sharing photos of her with their Facebook friends, they went as far as to post pics of her as a toddler, without ever asking if it was alright. “They knew no shame and no limit — and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot — every stage was photographed and then made public,” the young plaintiff said.

The girl (only known as Anna) added that she was only able to see the photos posted on Facebook by her parents when she was 14, after setting up her own account on the world’s most popular social network.

Angry and upset, Anna asked her parents to remove the over 500 photos of her, but they refused. She kept asking, but was faced with constant refusal, and felt that she had no other way to coerce them than by taking them to court. (Source)

The woman who is suing her parents for naming her Clamidya

A young woman that had barely left her parents’ home to move into her own apartment decided to make her parents pay dearly for the decision she claims destroyed her life. The woman, who suffers from weight problems and important psychological issues, having survived twelve suicide attempts in five years, is suing her parents for the psychological trauma their decision has caused her.

Her name — Clamidya — is eerily similar to the sexually transmitted disease, Chlamydia trachomatis, commonly called Chlamydia, and made her an easy target for her high school companions to bully her. (Source)

The 25-year-old man who sued his parents for his allowance

The parents of a 25-year old Spanish man told him to either look for a job, or they would stop paying him a $588 monthly allowance. They followed through on their threat, and he sued them in court. The judge dismissed his complaint and ordered him to move out of their home and find a job. He said the man, who was studying law, albeit at a slow rate, would probably not complete the degree for several years, but he thought he was still capable of finding some work. (Source)


The 20-year-old who successfully sued his mom for a $5,000 Bar Mitzvah gift

In a bizarre case over a grandmother’s Bar Mitzvah gift for her grandson, a 20-year-old man successfully sued his own mother for the $5,000 that was promised to him when he became a man at age 13.

A judge ruled that Jordan Zeidman was entitled to the Bar Mitzvah gift from his grandmother that his mother was apparently holding for his college fund. Zeidman’s parents divorced in 1998 and agreed to contribute to their son’s college fund, according to Nassau County judge Scott Fairgrieve’s ruling.

Among the evidence Fairgrieve cited was Zeidman’s testimony that at his Bar Mitzvah in October 2007, his grandmother said, “I have $5,000 for you. Just like I gave to your brother and sister. And I’m going to give it to your mom to hold for you.” (Source)

The cheerleader who sued her parents to pay for her college tuition

A New Jersey high school senior sued her parents, accusing them of tossing her out of the house when she turned 18 and refusing to pay for her private high school and college education.

Rachel Canning of Lincoln Park, New Jersey, filed a lawsuit asking the court to have her parents pay the outstanding tuition for her private high school, her living and transportation expenses for the foreseeable future, and use money from an existing college fund to pay for at least some of her college education. She even asked that they pay her legal fees.

Canning eventually dropped the lawsuit after a judge denied her request for living expenses and moved back in with her parents. The story has a happy ending for the honor student/cheerleader. She landed a $56,000 scholarship to Western New England University. (Source)

The trans woman who sued her parents to “live her truth”

A Myrtle Beach trans woman faced her parents in court over gender confirmation surgery. Despite their plea against it, a Pennsylvania area judge gave her the ok to move forward with the procedure.

Christine Kitzler was initially prevented from obtaining surgery when her parents filed an emergency petition demanding that a guardian is appointed for her claiming she was incompetent.

A few days later, Kitzler, 48, was given the OK from a Philadelphia area judge to go ahead with her surgery — a decision her fellow friends and supporters in Myrtle Beach’s transgender community were thankful for. (Source)

The boy who “divorced” his parents at age 12

Gregory Ralph Kingsley (born July 28, 1980) is the first American child, who legally severed ties with his mother. He changed his name to Shawn Russ after juvenile court Judge Thomas S. Kirk “ended the parental rights of his natural mother and allowed [his] foster parents to adopt him.” The boy had spent only seven months with his mother during the previous nine years, and spent the rest of the time with various foster families and at a boy’s ranch. (Source)



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