7 Planned Movie Sequels That Never Actually Happened

I’ve always found it arrogant when a movie studio plans sequels before a movie is even released. Just focus on making the first one good, because they typically don’t make sequels to bad movies that nobody likes. It’s so embarrassing when you see a bad movie that ends with a tease for the sequel. In those cases, it doesn’t even count as a tease, it’s just slightly insane wishful thinking. Here are seven sequels that were never made!

Super Mario Brothers

sequels mario

Nothing was more disappointing than Super Mario Bros.: The Movie. I remember when I found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real, and I was like “this still isn’t as bad as that garbage movie”. Whoever decided to make Luigi the main character over MARIO should’ve been arrested. The movie ends with the princess showing up and saying that she needs the Mario brothers’ help again, and Mario “suits up” (puts on his plumbing belt). The sequel this scene set up never happened because when every single kid in America hates your movie, they don’t let you make another.

Green Lantern 2

sequels lantern

Warner Brothers is in the midst of a second attempt to set up a cinematic universe like Marvel’s, even though their first attempt was a disaster. Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds, included references to the larger DC universe, and even set up Amanda Waller as the DC counterpart to Nick Fury. The movie ended with a scene where the character Sinestro put on a yellow power ring and turned evil. Once again, this never materialized because audiences never showed up for Green Lantern. Also, the people that did see but weren’t familiar with the comics didn’t understand the tease. They just saw a guy switch from wearing a green outfit to a yellow outfit while ominous music played. Yellow isn’t that evil of a color.

Freddy vs. Jason 2

sequels freddy

New Line spent over a decade trying to get Freddy vs. Jason made, and it was actually a hit. While promoting the movie, Robert Englund stated that a sequel was planned, and the end of the movie teased that the fight wasn’t over just yet. Unlike the first film, though, the sequel never made it out of development hell. Instead, both A Nightmare on Elm St. and Friday the 13th were remade, and New Line eventually traded the rights the Friday the 13th back to Paramount, making a sequel impossible. The version that came closest to being made would’ve included Ash from The Evil Dead joining in, but no one could agree on who should win. And so, everyone lost.

Spider-Man 4

sequels spiderman

After Spider-Man 3 made a ton of money, a Part 4 supposedly involving John Malkovich as the Vulture and Anne Hathaway as Black Cat went into production. When director Sam Raimi realized he couldn’t make the release deadline Sony was pushing on him, both he and the studio decided to scrap the project. Instead of the sequel, the series was rebooted with The Amazing Spider-Man, which only lasted two movies before being rebooted again.

E.T. 2: Nocturnal Fears

sequels et

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was an immediate family classic, so of course a sequel was planned. Steven Spielberg wrote a story called E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears that would’ve switched genres from Family to Horror. The story was about the kids from the first movie being abducted and tortured by evil aliens. E.T., the star and namesake of the first movie, would barely be in it. For the most obvious reasons ever, the sequel was scrapped. It would have been like Coca Cola going “hey, instead of making Coca Cola anymore, our new product is going to be baked beans!” I imagine that, had Spielberg decided to make this movie, he would’ve been dragged out of Hollywood by a horde of ticked-off parents.


sequels ei8ht

One of David Fincher’s early hits, Se7en is one of the few movies where the good guys don’t really win. Despite the ending’s place as a modern day classic, the studio wanted to ruin it with a sequel involving Morgan Freeman’s character searching for a new serial killer. Also, it would have involved psychic powers somehow. Also, it would have been called Ei8ht. No one from the first movie was even remotely interested in making it though, which is a pretty good way to kill a movie. Eventually, the script was rewritten to remove all references to Se7en and was retitled Solace which, according to IMDB, has been completed but is not yet released.

Ghostbusters 3

sequels ghostbusters

Every kid in the ‘80s loved Ghostbusters. It’s a classic. Ghostbusters II, on the other hand, not so much. Still, the franchise was huge, and Dan Akroyd always wanted to make a third movie. He kept writing new scripts for it, and every year or so he’d start making noise about it again. The plot was rumored to involve the Ghostbusters going to hell, or hell coming to New York. It always seemed like Ghostbusters III was about to happen, but Akroyd just couldn’t get everyone on board. The biggest hurdle was Bill Murray, who never felt that the script was right. Eventually, Sony decided to just reboot the franchise with an all female cast, making the original Ghostbusters III a ghost itself.


Would you have seen any of these sequels?

7 Planned Movie Sequels That Never Actually Happened


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