7 Reasons Why Guys Send Dick Pics

7 Reasons Why Guys Send Dick Pics



If it’s true that porn helps drive technology, then the future of phones may lie with one specific brand of erotic content: the dick pic. Of course, most people aren’t looking for that kind of material. According to’s Singles in America study, dick pics are a big turnoff among most women. Still, survey data finds that up to 45 percent of women have received “sexy” photos from guys on their phones. And while it would be unfair to say all women are adverse to the images (see Soraya Dooolbaz, professional dick photographer), the numbers seem to suggest that the push doesn’t come from those on the receiving end. Listed below are seven possible reasons why so many guys seem to love delivering photos of their dicks.

1. Exhibitionism without risk


When the folks at Revelist compiled a list of “real” reasons why guys like to send dick pics, they came across this gem, written by Reddit user Tempacct16: “I would describe it as a kink, really. There’s a certain reaction I’m looking for from the recipient and it just makes me feel good. I’m rarely looking for sex to be the end result of it—I think I just enjoy the reaction and it makes me feel like someone’s impressed with me and has a sexual desire for me.”

There are few safe spaces to turn to for an exhibitionist thrill. It’s not uncommon for interested individuals to turn to their smartphone for a quick fix at minimal risk.

2. Pride


Sex therapist Michael Aaron once told AlterNet, “Men tend to fetishize body parts.” Unsurprisingly, that tendency often falls on the penis. Included in the list of quotes collected by Revelist is one written by Reddit user itsreallyscary, which reads, “I have a big dong and I get off on the reactions. It made me feel good about myself, and I always felt like having a big dong sucks if nobody knows about it; it doesn’t work to your advantage.”

Certainly, an erect penis can be an erotic image. It can help inspire desire and communicate virility. But if you’re looking to deliver that message in the form of a dick pic, it’s important to make sure the person on the other end has signed off on the exchange.

3. It’s what they would want to see


According to Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser for, men tend to be more visual than women. Seeing a woman in the buff allows men to “know some very basic things about age, health and, unconsciously, her ability to raise young,” she says. Women, however, crave a little bit more context. “Women [historically] needed someone who could rear their mate and provide,” says Fisher. “I think that a man wants to see a woman’s body and a woman may want to see a man in the picture with … a Rolex watch or a business suit or a pair of cool jeans.”

4. It’s an easy introduction to sex


It’s not exactly hard to decode an image of an erect penis. It is, after all, an important component of the male sexual response. When it comes to the world of dick pics, it’s safe to say we know what’s on the mind of the man who produces the shot: sex, and sex.

“I can’t speak for straight men, but I’m a gay guy and will occasionally do this. To be honest, I realize it’s a turnoff to many—but to some it is a quick and easy way to gauge interest. My dad taught me to cast a wide net instead of focusing on my favorite fish,” says Reddit user AsAGayJewishDemocrat.

Over on the straight side of things is user KingBooScaresYou, who says, “When I send dick pics to girls, it’s because I want sex. Many will be horrified and insult me, or ignore it, but some will message back and say, ‘yup, where and when?’ I don’t want a relationship, and I sure as hell don’t want to go through the crap of being nice and polite and false to these poor women, who I would essentially be stringing along for the sole basis that I can have sex with them. Go ahead, insult me, call me a creep—but at least I’m being honest with my intentions and not stringing you along for weeks fully knowing our relationship is non-existent.”

5. Dominance and control


Just as soon as we gain access to something we can have fun with, there will be someone around to ruin it. Dick pics are no exception. Just ask the girl who got inundated by cock shots on her Facebook page, thanks to a guy called Nick. “At one point I counted that he had over 20 alternate accounts, probably for the express purpose of harassing women over Facebook, as I was to learn later,” she wrote in a Reddit post.

Peter, a 27-year-old from San Diego, told Refinery29, “I think that ‘lashing out’ towards women on online dating sites, whether harmless annoyance or genuine harassment, is caused by being ignored so thoroughly by so many women. After a while, women on these sites aren’t people with feelings; they’re just thousands of profiles who all seem to dislike you for completely unknown reasons. Dick pics are, I think, a very specific form of this harassment—probably from guys who are more on the narcissistic side and perhaps overly confident about their bodies… The end goal of this little game is to elicit some kind of reaction—good, bad, or otherwise.”

Dating couch Laurel House agrees. She told the publication, “There’s definitely a component of power tripping involved here. They want to see how uncomfortable they can make a woman. There’s a creepster element, too, just seeing how many people they can freak out. These kinds of guys just want a response, so I recommend just not responding—and blocking them, rather than retaliating in some way… If the guy is looking for a response, even if you write back expressing disapproval—‘Ew, I can’t believe you did that!’—these guys are only going to push further.”

6. Reaffirming feedback


Sending out photos of your junk is, at the very least, a cry for attention. Unsolicited material may inspire a negative response, but the very desperate may subscribe to the belief that something is better than nothing. Should your dick pic wind up in happy hands, however, you might just find yourself receiving the kind of praise you’ve been craving all along. Reddit user Wienerdust says, “I’ve stopped doing it for many years now, but I used to do it all the time. It’s difficult to describe what I was thinking when I did it, but I largely had poor self-esteem and desired to be ‘wanted’ sexually.”

7. Because they can


Among the many privileges the internet has gifted us with is the shield of anonymity. Unfortunately, that very privilege inspires some people to behave very badly. That likely has to do with the online disinhibition effect, or the idea that while online, some people self-disclose or act out more frequently or intensely than they would in person.

In an article on the subject, John Suler writes, “Anonymity is one of the principle factors that creates the disinhibition effect. When people have the opportunity to separate their actions online from their in-person lifestyle and identity, they feel less vulnerable about self-disclosing and acting out.”



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Men want to get laid.

Most women want to make men jump through hoops to gauge their sincerity and then friendzone their victims, but there are others who are cool with just getting laid.

The easiest way to tell is to send a dick pic. Friendzoners will recoil, and horny women might respond positively.

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