7 Of The Scariest Video Game Easter Eggs

I AM BORED 7 Of The Scariest Video Game Easter Eggs

Easter eggs in video games are pretty fun to find. They require a bit of a legwork for little reward, but at least the novelty of being able to find them is there. Once in a while, a title will throw us a curveball and present Easter eggs that are less “fun” and more “nightmarish and horrific.” Join us in hiding under the blankets for protection as we go through the scariest video game Easter eggs we could find. And be forewarned, this list contains spoilers and some NSFW language: some of it from the videos, and some of it will be from you.

The ghost of Mount Gordo – Grand Theft Auto V

As far as creepy Easter eggs and video game urban myths go, the ghost of Mount Gordo in Grand Theft Auto V can be considered a modern legend. Soon after the game was released, intrepid explorers found that if they were to go to a certain point on Mount Gordo between 11:00 PM and midnight, they’d be able to see the ghost of a woman out in the distance. She looks like the stuff of nightmares and floats around before disappearing. If you go near her, she poofs away, but then you’ll be able to read a name that was written in blood beneath her, spelling out “Jock.” If you’re feeling really adventurous, zoom in on her face with a sniper rifle when she appears.

Robbie the Rabbit caught you peeking – Silent Hill 4: The Room

Robbie the Rabbit is a staple of the Silent Hill series, appearing as an anthropomorphic bunny with a bunch of blood smeared around his face. Delightful, right? In Silent Hill 4: The Room, he appears as a little stuffed animal that sits on your neighbor’s bed. If you look through the hole in your apartment wall to spy on her, he’ll eventually turn his head and point at the peephole to expose you for the creep that you are. We don’t know what’s more frightening: the fact that this menacing doll is alive or your voyeurism.

Dead Bodies in the Sea – BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea

In BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Part Two, you take control of Elizabeth once more, only this time it’s another iteration of the character. After you discover your dead body from Burial at Sea – Part One, you’re taken on a boat ride with the Lutece Twins, mirroring the beginning of BioShock Infinite. Everything seems par for the course and you’re ready to follow in Booker’s footsteps, until you look down at the water.

Around your boat, floating around in the murky depths of the ocean, are a bunch dead bodies. Whether or not they’re all corpses of the various versions of Elizabeth isn’t clear, but the sight is definitely unnerving. You could even look at them as souls, meaning that the Lutece Twins would be like Charon, ferrying Elizabeth to Hades, which is as awesome (and disturbing) as it sounds.

Scary screensavers – the Fatal Frame series

You don’t need to sleep tonight, right? If you’re looking to stay awake for the foreseeable future, we recommend playing any of the Fatal Frame games and leaving the controller alone. Throughout the series, a sort of “screen saver” will appear after you’ve been idle for a while. These screen savers can come in the form of bloody handprints appearing all over the screen or ghostly faces peering out at you. Where’s Peter Venkman and his buddies when you need them?

The thing in the water – Assassin’s Creed II

When Nietzsche said “if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you,” he probably wasn’t referring to this Easter egg in Assassin’s Creed II. If you head to the final Assassin Tomb, called “Visitazione’s Secret”, you can activate a series of levers and head to a part of the tomb with platforms near some water. If you peer out into the water, you’ll activate a cutscene that features a large, octopus-like creature swimming by. Activate the lever near that spot again and you’ll be in for another surprise when you gaze into the pool once more. Now, that Nietzsche line sounds even more terrifying.

The elevator ghost – Pokemon X/Y

While most of the Pokemon games feature lighthearted and fun content, you sometimes come across a few things that leave you feeling a little disturbed. The elevator ghost of Lumiose City is an example of such disturbing content. She appears on the 2nd floor of a building in Lumiose City and is triggered when you step off the elevator. The screen will flash for a second, and she’ll come out from behind you, all creepy-looking with her dark dress and purple hair. The ghost will let out some pretty horrific noises and say that you’re “not the one.” We think this is a good thing, because she simply leaves. We shudder thinking of what she’d do if you were the one.

Spooky ambient audio – Original Xbox

While it’s not from an actual game, the original Xbox’s main menu hid some aural secrets that could be downright terrifying. If you left the console’s main menu idle for a while and walked away, you’d probably come back to the sounds of demonic chanting, creepy whispers, horrific music, or other kinds of terrible noises. If you left this thing on all night, we wouldn’t be surprised if the sounds fueled your nightmares and resulted in you screaming yourself awake.  Thanks, Xbox.




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