7 Signs You Need To Cool It On Social Media

Social media is addictive as all hell. And believe me, I know from experience. I obsessively check for Instagram likes too, okay? But there comes a time when you need to take a step back and realize you might be annoying the sh*t out of everyone. Are you slowly ruining your friendships by reposting Minions memes? Why do you keep tweeting about breakfast? I do have a couple friends that are never NOT on Facebook, and since I’m not about to take them aside and have a chat about it, I’m just going to write this article instead. If you think it might be for you, it probably is. Here are seven signs you need to cool it on social media.

1) You like and comment on EVERYTHING on Facebook

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If you get to the point where if you don’t like or comment on someone’s status, they start calling hospitals and morgues, it might be time to chill out. Listen, liking your friends’ sh*t is nice of you, but you’re making people worried that you never sleep, never shower, and never converse in person. Make ‘em miss you a little bit. Make ‘em work for it.

2) Fights with people on Twitter are stressing you out in real life

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There are ALWAYS going to be idiots to fight with on Twitter. You cannot destroy them all. If your internet fighting is spilling over into your real life and stressing you out, you need to practice your blocking skills or just step away. Stress causes heart attacks, dude. Don’t let that little piece of sh*t with five followers who derives some sick joy out of disagreeing with you give you a heart attack, my friend.

3) You’re constantly thinking of life as funny tweets and statuses

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I’ve found myself doing this before — whenever something funny or interesting happens, my brain starts trying to fit it into 140 characters. And then I say, “f*ck you brain, I am a human being, not a Twitter machine” and I successfully defeat the robot invasion just a little bit and make the world safe for humanity for one more day.

4) No moment is to be enjoyed, only to be shared online

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Are you the type who doesn’t actually care about enjoying your life, just about whether other people think you’re enjoying your life? Then take a breather, buddy.


5) Your FOMO is killing you


fear of missing out If you’re constantly feeling bad because of how much fun it seems like all your friends are having, just remember that everyone is completely full of sh*t and go to a museum or something. Later, tell your friends you went to a cool museum and didn’t take any pictures. The fact that you didn’t need to prove what a cool time you were having will be even cooler. That’s some next-level sh*t, dude.

6) You’ve changed your profile picture 3 or more times in one day

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What are you doing? You look fine. Just leave it.


7) You go to check your phone… while you’re on your phone

tim curry gif

This is truly rock bottom.


Do you have any friends who go overboard on social media? Any surefire signs I missed?

7 Signs You Need To Cool It On Social Media


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