7 Terrifying Animals More Venomous Than Black Widow Spiders

Even if they don’t exist anywhere near you, the thought of the deadly and sinisterly-named black window spider strikes fear into the hearts of millions. But it turns out that black widows aren’t actually all that deadly. In fact, the likelihood of dying in the US after a black widow spider bite is virtually zero. But there are some other animals out there in this huge, terrifying world of ours that you should worry about, because they could really kill you … or at least seriously mess up your day. Check out these creepy crawlers that are all able to put you in the ground with much greater ease then the black widow:

Deathstalker Scorpion

poison bad deathstalker

Considered the most dangerous of scorpions, the aptly named deathstalker has an extremely venomous sting. While a single sting won’t normally kill a healthy adult, it is still considered a medical emergency. And there’s good news and bad news and then more good news when it comes to this monster — the good news is that there is an anti-venom. The bad news is that it isn’t available in the US because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. But the other good news is that you should be safe, since deathstalkers only live in North Africa and the Middle East and also presumably Bond villain lairs.

Cone Snail

poison bad snail

How dangerous can a snail be, especially one with a name as nerdy as “cone snail”? Well, as it turns out, super f*ckin’ dangerous. These slow-moving death traps live in waters all over the world, and while most stings only hurt as bad as a bee sting, certain larger species can be fatal to humans. The Conus Geographus has been lovingly referred to as the “cigarette snail” because it is said that once it stings you, you’ll only have time to smoke a cigarette before the toxin kills you. Scientist are still uncertain how those time estimates translate to vaping and e-cigarettes, but urge people to be careful nonetheless.

Stone Fish

poison bad stone

Synanceia, more commonly known as stone fish, have a face only a mother could love. But being one of the ugliest-looking fishes in the sea has also armed it with a pretty good come-back for anyone making fun of it — stone fish have spikes along their backs full of potent neurotoxins and are ready to kill anyone dumb enough to step on them (which is actually a pretty understandable mistake since they’re camouflaged to look exactly like rocks and hang out near the shore. Dick move stone fish).

Poison Dart Frog

poison bad frog

While the poison dart frog’s cool colors might make them everyone’s favorite frog-based zoo attraction, they are nothing to mess around with in real life. Their levels of toxicity vary from species to species, but the phyllobates terribilis (more easily pronounced “golden poison frog”) is terribly poisonous. Golden poison frogs might be the most poisonous animals on the planet, but remember — it’s poisonous, not venomous, meaning it has no way to inject the poison into you if it feels threatened. The only way it could hurt you is if you touch it, or more specifically eat it. And don’t do that, because a) they are endangered, b) it has enough poison in it to kill a human 20 times over, and c) you would be eating a frog which, despite what the French think, is gross.

Box Jellyfish

poison bad box

Anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish will tell you it isn’t a pleasant experience. Most of the time, though, it isn’t fatal … unless you’re unfortunate enough to come across one of the more potent breeds of box jellyfish. The most nightmare-inducing type is the Irukandji jellyfish, found in Australia. The jellyfish is clear and roughly the size of a fingernail so you’ll never see it coming. Its venom is some of the most potent around, with the sting starting off feeling like a mosquito bite before it escalates in symptoms and seriousness. The box jellyfish venom can even cause Irukandji syndrome, which overwhelms its sufferers with a sense of impeding doom … which they would have had anyways because they were just poisoned and are likely to die. Honestly, it would be way weirder if they were super chill about it, like, “Yeah this hurts and I feel like I’m having a heart attack and all my muscles are super tensed up, but at least we are at the beach, ya know?”

Brazil Wandering Spider

poison bad spider

Black widows are cute cuddly plush toys of fun compared to the Brazilian wandering spider, which holds a Guinness World Record for being the most venomous spider. The wandering spider is aggressive, which means that old saying about it being more scared of you than you are of it DOES NOT APPLY. This thing can f*ck you up and it knows it and wants to. Some scientist have said that the spider doesn’t pose much of a risk to humans because of its inability to deliver large quantities of venom to larger mammals. To that, I reply “Have you seen this thing? Like, take another look at it.” To that, those same scientist responded “Oh sh*t! You’re right! Science be damned! Kill it! Kill it with fire and magic!”

Blue Ring Octopus

poison bad blue

Who couldn’t love a little creature like the blue ring octopus? With its tiny neon blue rings and eight small tentacles, you can just imagine this little guy playing a tiny drum set. Ahhh. Adorable. Of course, it also has enough venom in it to kill 26 adult humans in minutes. The blue ring octopus is a full-on death machine — its stings are painless, its toxin is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide, and it causes total body paralysis and respiratory depression so that the victims are fully aware of what’s going on but unable to move or breath or signal for help or even vape one last vape pen.

That’s a lot of negatives, but on the other hand, think about that tiny drum set again. Yeah, this octopus is definitely too cute to not hug. I don’t care what the repercussions are!


7 Terrifying Animals More Venomous Than Black Widow Spiders


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