7 Things That Made Us Laugh This Week


7 Things That Made Us Laugh This Week

This has been another long week (just like every week). Net neutrality has been repealed and Roy Moore, the loser in the Alabama Senate race, refuses to concede, even at the urging of President Trump. But hey, it’s not all bad — the internet is still funny. Enjoy these seven things that truly made us laugh out loud this week.

7. This store in Japan that thought the word “fuckin'” meant “excellent.”


Holy fucking shit, check out that fuckin’ sale.

Twenty percent off everything?! That is quite a fuckin’ sale!

It would be so great to see signs like these in America. Some possibilities: “Goddamn BIG ASS Sale” or “Black Fucking Friday Sale Bitches.” Just a thought.

6. This note that someone received from his mother while watching his parent’s farm.

She’s no William Carlos Williams, but it’s not bad.

The note reads,

If a chicken dies

Throw in woods

Across street when

No one is looking

The way it’s written, it could be a poem. A lovely poem about throwing chicken corpses into the woods, which is, of course, the legal, responsible way to dispose of them. I wonder what these folks do when a family member dies. Probably just toss the body off a cliff when no one’s around. Seems fine.

5. This drone that got destroyed when it flew over a Renaissance Faire.

Anachronism! DRONE DOWN, m’lord!

Imagine how excited that dude was that he got to use his weapon! You know he’s secretly been hoping for an opportunity like this ever since he got it.

4. This couple who responded to a picture of their niece in their own special way.



The sister of the person who tweeted this sent a sweet picture of her baby, celebrating one month of being alive. Her family hilariously responded by recreating the picture with their own ages. The bottle of wine is a particularly nice touch.

3. This exit that is not an exit.

Caught in an existential loop.

This was posted on Reddit, along with the caption “Schrödinger’s Exit.” This is an allusion to “Schrödinger’s Cat,” which is a very complicated concept about a possibly dead cat in a box. Trust us, this one involves less poison and is much funnier.

2. This savage burn on Reddit. DANG!

Rectum? I barely know ‘im!

In case that picture is too hard for you to see, here’s what’s going on. A screengrab of a conversation was posted to Reddit with the words, “She really rectum,” and goddammit, she did.

The picture shows a woman who grew up being bullied for her illness (which apparently requires a colostomy bag) who was brave enough to post a beautiful picture of her body on Reddit. She said that she always thought she was ugly, but now she’s happy with how she looks. Great!

But, since Reddit is Reddit, someone replied to her post, “Sooo does that mean anal’s out of the question?” He added that it was a just a joke.

But the original poster got him back good, writing back, “I still have two inches of my rectum left, so you’ll fit.” OUCH! He’s going to need some ice for that burn. But she added a happy face and wrote “also just a joke,” so no harm, no foul.

1. This kid’s kindergarten picture from 20 years ago that his parents still keep framed in the house.

Perfection. Sheer perfection.

Reddit user posted this picture along with the caption, “My friend’s boyfriend was not happy about his kindergarten picture. His parents still have it framed in their house 20 years later.”

This is easily the best kindergarten portrait I have ever seen. The scowl, the folded arms, all of it just screams “childhood tantrum.” This picture could be a movie poster.

The fact that this guy’s parents won’t take down the framed picture is even better. Who can you annoy if not the ones you love most?

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