7 Things People Want to See Happen This Season On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

Who else is watching Fear the Walking Dead?! As an inveterate zombie fan for some reason I’ll never understand, I have to watch all zombie shows. I just love seeing the world descend into deathly chaos, what can I say? Fear the Walking Dead is awesome because even though it’s a little lighter on straight-up zombie gore than The Walking Dead, it explores the beginning of the outbreak in a different part of the country. Here’s what I hope to see happen in season two of Fear the Walking Dead. (Spoilers ahead so watch out if ya ain’t caught up.)


1) Chris dies ASAP

Chris still jpg

I hate Chris! Chris sucks. Bye Chris. He’s annoying and whiny and he was like that even before his mom died. I know being a teenager in the apocalypse is hard, but this behavior is really inexcusable. I feel like if he sticks around he’s going to get someone killed who I actually like. He should get killed when his dad makes him hug a zombie or something. That dude needs to toughen up.


2) Learn more about Strand

Strand smiling gif

Strand is the coolest! Not only is he the slickest, best-dressed millionaire survivor left in the world, he has continuous tricks up his sleeve. Now we also know that he’s secretly in touch with a friend, owns maps of Mexico he keeps locked up, and has a giant gun! What’s next? What happened to those cuff links? How does he look so good in that hat/sunglasses combo? Is he planning to eat everyone else on board and feed their bones to the desalinization machine? Surprise me, writers! If they kill him just so that the other survivors have to figure sh*t out on their own I am going to be so pissed.


3) Meet Jack

Alicia radio jpg

Even though Alicia was DUMB AS F*CK talking to that dude Jack and telling him all these personal details just because he sounded cute over the radio, we’ve been promised that he’s coming for them so now he has to show. I’m scared but I’m ready. Let’s meet Jack. I bet he isn’t even that cute in person, stupid Alicia.


4) More info on what’s happening in the world

zombie obama png

A look at the world as it falls apart is what Fear the Walking Dead was supposed to offer that The Walking Dead doesn’t, and I want more! I loved watching the breakdown of the government in season one and learning how the zombie apocalypse spread so far and so fast. We know now that the government napalmed the West Coast and burned San Diego. Is that government still active now? Is the president a zombie? How about Bernie Sanders? There have to be some people still relaying radio broadcasts and sh*t and I wanna hear them.


5) They run into George Clooney

zombie clooney jpg

The group is right by LA, right? It stands to reason that some celebrities had their own yachts. I bet George Clooney has a giant party boat and he’s living out the apocalypse in style. This would be a fun, light-hearted episode that would end with George Clooney turning into a zombie and eating his famous friends.


6) Nick brushes his hair, maybe changes clothes

Nick hair png

Nick hasn’t been on heroin in days, right? First of all, what happened to him barfing? Did he take care of all of that in the hospital for the like one night he was there? Should they be improvising some AA meetings on the boat? And does he not have a change of clothes? He couldn’t borrow anything good from Strand? Seriously, if Nick isn’t on heroin anymore, why does is his hair still like that? Even if I was a heroin addict, my mom would wrestle me to the ground with a comb if my hair looked like that bird’s nest.


7) Lexa — I mean Alicia — gets a girlfriend

Lexa face gif

Alycia Debnam Carey played Lexa on The 100 and was killed off partially so she could fulfill her commitment to Fear the Walking Dead. I miss Lexa a lot and I think it would go a long way to filling that hole in my heart if Alicia got a girlfriend. We already know that Alicia is thirsty as hell for the d, but she could totally still be bi. The teenage lesbians of the world really need this.


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