The 7 All-Time Greatest Video Game Reboots

The 7 All-Time Greatest Video Game Reboots

As video game audiences evolve, so often too must the characters they love. Zelda becomes becomes more grand, Sonic gets older, etc. But sometimes, the bones of a game are completely thrown out to build something new. Some are controversial, but here are the times when video game reboots were wildly successful!


Fallout 3

The original Fallout franchise was a simple turn-based RPG. What a difference a reboot makes! The new Fallout became a morality-based first person shooter with a bleak sense of humor. The game ended up infusing a sense of wit and intelligence into the medium, and the results are felt in the industry to this day.


Metroid Prime

When the Metroid franchise skipped the N64 generation of consoles, fans were worried, and things only got worse when they heard the game would be rebooted as a first person shooter. But they didn’t need to be — the puzzle-oriented worlds of Super Metroid ended up working perfectly in 3D. Metroid Prime‘s take proved to be popular, spawning two sequels.


Rayman Legends

Rayman was a middling platformer from Europe in the ’90s, and was only popular because of the lack of gaming options at the time. But that all changed with Rayman Legends, a new platformer that gave the franchise a surreal jazzy feel and a vivid animated palette that is still producing sequel after sequel.



The original Wario Land games were strange puzzle-oriented platformers where Wario turned into a vampire or a giant spring to traverse levels. But in rebooting such a character, Nintendo accidentally invented a brand new genre of gaming. WarioWare applied the frantic, bizarre energy of the character to hundreds of three second minigames. This take on the character proved to stick — with Wario’s biker outfit from WarioWare becoming his default costume in Smash Bros. games.


Prince of Persia

What was once a dry platformer turned into a beautiful and operatic 3D game with a unique mode of traveling and interesting feature where you cannot die. This version of the game was so popular that it ended up being adapted into a film starring Jake Gyllenhall.


Donkey Kong Country

So successful was Donkey Kong Country that it’s hard to imagine ol’ DK as anything else, let alone the lumbering ape from the original arcade game. Before the British game developer Rare got to him, Donkey Kong was a tiny King Kong, stealing Mario’s girlfriend and giving the plumber an excuse to climb up a variety of huge buildings. Rare gave Donkey Kong a tie, muscles, and a family of simians to protect. This new gentleman ape has become the de facto Donkey Kong.


Grand Theft Auto III

When Grand Theft Auto made the jump from a bird’s-eye-view action game to a wide open sandbox, it created a whole new genre that would define the next generation of gaming. Very few games have been as influential — or as controversial — as Grand Theft Auto III.

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