7 Tips To Look Like You’re Paying Attention Even When You’re Not

Whether you’re stuck in a meeting or the dullest conversation ever, we’ve got you covered.

As soon as you realize you’ve zoned out, nod immediately.

Just start nodding. Nodding makes people think you’re agreeing with them, and when people think you’re agreeing with them, they think you’re listening to them. See how that works?

Randomly ask “can you repeat that again?”

Relax. You don’t have to actually listen to whatever they’re repeating. You’re just giving the illusion you’ve been listening but you missed their last sentence because you were giving what they’re saying so much thought.

Ask a vague question.

Don’t worry about specifics (because you won’t know any because you haven’t been paying attention). You can ask “What do you mean by that?”, “How so?”, “Did you read that somewhere?”, even just a plain “Really?” would suffice.

Give the person a confused look.

The person will probably ask if you’re confused. And go ahead, say yes, and ask them to continue on…

Excuse yourself from the conversation or meeting.

Be polite about it of course, it’s rude enough that you’re not paying attention. Tell the person you’ll be right back. And then you can decide if you want to go back or not.

Compliment the speaker you’re not listening to.

Everyone likes to be complimented. So what if you’re interrupting their train of thought. A compliment is a compliment!

Continue to maintain eye contact at all times.

Make sure you blink though. If you can’t pay attention, for the love, pay attention to whether or not you’re blinking. A person will know you’re zoned out of you don’t blink. It’s a total tell. Also, throw in a nod every now and then for good measure (see #1).

7 Tips To Look Like You’re Paying Attention Even When You’re Not

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