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7 TV Shows With No Redeemable Characters

7 TV Shows With No Redeemable Characters

Evil is all around us — in our government, our corporate identities, even, for God’s sake, our memes! So if you’re looking for a ray of goodness; a optimism in the world… well, don’t look to the following television shows.


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Truly, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s greatest strength is that all of its characters are monsters. To the outside world, adults, children, each other, their moral compasses are completely off. There are many clues that one of them (Dennis) is, in fact, a serial killer. If a good and moral character showed up on Always Sunny… well, it would maybe ruin the entire thing.


South Park

I think the politics of the show have lately made it easier for some of us to find all of South Park‘s characters reprehensible, but this is another show whose strength rests on just how bad everyone seems to be. Cartman is one of TV’s all-time great villains, Kenny is a horrific pervert, and Stan and Kyle… well, they’re kids, and kids are evil. All of the adults have approximately zero moments of real decency (aside from Chef, but we all remember how that ended up going) with Stan’s dad in particular acts like real lunatic. (There are a number of episodes between seasons 11 and, like, 19 where Randy gets up to a lot.)


Family Guy

With Family Guy, even Meg is so pitiful that she ends up being bad.


How I Met Your Mother

This is a show about a bunch of psychopaths. They lie and manipulate both each other and total strangers. Barney’s sexual practices are… deeply troubling, Robin is an asshole, Lily is a liar and kleptomaniac, Marshall is a big mid-western dolt, and I’m pretty sure Ted murdered the mother and then lied about it so that he could be with Robin.


Two and a Half Men

Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and a Half Men never got quite as despicable as Charlie Sheen the actual guy, but he came close. Everyone else was at best an enormously sarcastic jerk, who didn’t treat anyone with respect. The half man ended up being a religious nut in real life WHICH I’D SAY COUNTS!


Any show from the Real Housewives franchise

Drunk women crying and yelling at each other would seem universally despicable to you too, if you’d grown up around my family HA HA, YES! ROASTED THEM GOOD!


Vanderpump Rules

I have a confession to make: I have become obsessed with Vanderpump Rules. It’s like the nadir of these sorts of Bravo reality shows, about a place that has obviously fake drama (mixed with real drama, I guess?!) where everyone sucks and they’re clearly all just lobbying for their own spin-offs or even just really popular social media accounts. The exception to that is the titular Vanderpump, who is just trying to make her deeply mediocre restaurant more popular. AND SO MANY OF US FALL FOR IT!


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