The Bermuda Triangle, an area of the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, has long fascinated and mystified the type of people who are wont to believe in paranormal activity and meddling extraterrestrial beings. What explains the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes in this area? Are there magnetic anomalies? Giant unseen whirlpools? The Kraken? Or are they all caused by overactive imaginations? Read about these top mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and decide for yourself!

1) Mary Celeste

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The Mary Celeste left New York for Italy in November 1872 and was found a month later in the Bermuda Triangle area completely untouched — except that it was missing every single one of its occupants. All the crew members mysteriously disappeared somewhere along the journey. Their belongings remained undisturbed, and there was no evidence of a storm, pirate attack, or alien abduction. To this day, the whereabouts of the Mary Celeste’s crew are unknown.

2) DC-3

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On December 28, 1948, a Douglas DC-3 airliner took off from San Juan to Miami, right through the Bermuda Triangle. With only 20 minutes left in her flight, a mere 50 miles from her destination, she disappeared. Despite an exhaustive search, no debris was ever found, despite the shallow waters near the coast. Her disappearance on a routine flight remains a complete mystery.

3) SS Marine Sulphur Queen

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This tanker disappeared without a trace in 1963, along with her 39 crew members and 15 tons of molten sulphur. A sister ship, SS Sylvia L. Ossa, went down near Bermuda in 1976. Were they victims of faulty shipbuilding or whisked into another dimension? Only the Bermuda Triangle knows (providing it is a sentient being).

4) USS Cyclops

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At some point after March 4, 1918, the USS Cyclops and her 306 crew and passengers disappeared, never to be found. The incident remains the largest American naval loss of life outside of direct combat. Post-WWI German wartime records show no evidence that she was sunk by the Germans, leaving the most likely culprit to be sudden sinking due to Bermuda Triangle shenanigans.

5) The Crystal Pyramid

In 1970, a scuba diver named Raymond Brown claimed to have found a giant crystal pyramid at the bottom of the sea in the Bermuda Triangle. Was it a remnant of Atlantis? A giant ancient power source like the Ancient Egyptian pyramids at Giza? Nobody knows. Other conspiracy lovers have claimed to find the pyramid as well, although curiously, none have ever managed to snap a pic.

6) Flight 19

flight 19 jpg

Five torpedo bombers carrying 14 airmen vanished without a trace during a routine training flight on December 5, 1945. The cause of the disappearance is still unknown, though it appears the pilots became disoriented and their compasses malfunctioned. The instructor had completed a tour in the Pacific as a bomber pilot and had 2,500 hours of flight experience — how would that guy have gotten so disoriented? Also, a rescue mission with 13 crew members sent out after Flight 19 disappeared, most likely exploding in midair, according to eyewitnesses who saw smoke, flames, and oil in the water. And these incidents are only a fraction of the 95 pilots and crewmen who were lost during training missions in the Bermuda Triangle between 1942 and 1945.

7) The biggest mystery of all: Is there a mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

confused alien png

Is the Bermuda Triangle even a thing? Are there more disappearances there than anywhere else? Is this all a bunch of hooey? NO-ONE KNOWS (except the aliens that are clearly behind all of this).

Are you convinced the Bermuda Triangle holds mysterious powers? Or are these just coincidences?


7 Unexplained Mysteries Of The Bermuda Triangle

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