The 7 Weirdest Celebrity Low Points

We all have our low moments, but what we don’t all have is a giant, aggressive media following our every move, just waiting for us to embarrass ourselves. Celebrities DO have that, and honestly, it seems like kind of a bummer. Some of those low points have been … weirder than others. It’s one thing to have a Twitter meltdown, it’s entirely another to run down the Los Angeles freeway in a sweat suit waving your gun around (Martin Lawrence did that, and I didn’t even include him on this list). Here we take a look at some of the more unorthodox celebrity lows …

Paris Hilton Goes To Jail

paris in jail

Ever gotten a DUI that you managed to get away with without suffering any truly serious consequences? Well, maybe take that as a sign to right the ol’ ship, instead of getting busted driving with a suspended license, thus breaking your parole and getting sent to jail. Then, don’t try to curry favor with the head of the sheriff’s’s department (in this case Lee Baca, one of America’s most corrupt and incompetent sheriffs!) to get released early, because a judge absolutely will send you right back to jail and the press will absolutely revel in your humiliation.


Joaquin Phoenix “Quits” Hollywood

Some people actually bounce back better than ever after their lows, and that was certainly true in the case of Joaquin Phoenix. His career is bigger than ever today, which is surprising to everyone who watched the phony drama of his “quitting” acting to become a rapper. He grew a huge beard, put on weight, and had his every moment filmed for a documentary. It was around this point that everyone went “this is for sure fake”. Having a public meltdown is one thing, and certainly not uncommon in the entertainment industry, but faking a meltdown for the sake of a movie, then having that movie met with a collective yawn form the general public has got to be pretty embarrassing.

Axl Rose Forgets The Lyrics

Guns & Roses’ “Chinese Democracy” really, really sucked. This surprised no one, since nothing is ever good after a megalomaniac sits around tinkering with it for fifteen years, but the return of Axl Rose, still calling his band “Guns & Roses” despite it featuring no roses and almost none of the guns, made the album’s flop even more depressing. The guy was out of shape, not at all dynamic onstage, and started forgetting the words to even his classic songs. He forgot the lines to :Sweet Child O’ Mine” — I know the words to that song! That’s only about one notch better than forgetting the words to “Happy Birthday”.

Justin Bieber Pees In A Bucket

We all know Justin Bieber is an asshole, but now it’s fine because he does such a good enough making sure none of his bad behavior leaks to the press that the worst you can say about him is that his face is highly “punchable”. But a few years ago, oh my God; he was spitting at neighbors and racing his cars at dangerous speeds in a residential area. For sure the lowest moment, though, was when he peed in a bucket in a restaurant. A bucket! In a restaurant! FOR NO REASON (what reason you could have I don’t know, but at least go through the motions of pretending there’s a reason you peed in a bucket). I mean, someone who does that just really, really sucks.

John Travolta Makes Battlefield Earth

that costume

This is maybe the worst movie of all time. John Travolta was a huge star when he made it, and people begged him not to. Watching him lumber around in that cod piece, with those alien dreads … I mean, it’s just not possible to be a movie star again after you do something like that.

Ashlee Simpson Lip Syncs On SNL

Here’s the thing; no one thought Ashlee Simpson actually sang her songs live. Most pop musicians these days don’t, but the way she handled it when SNL played the wrong voice track was especially bad. She just sort of … did a jig? When your whole brand is that you’re the cool “alt” version of your blonde bubblegum sister, it’s bad for your rep when people realize that the two of you are pretty much the same. After the weird little dance, Ashlee tried to recover by singing live during a halftime event, which ended disastrously (live crowds are just giant mobs of people; they were for sure going to boo no matter how well she sang.) But she never really recovered musically, and now I have no idea what she does.

Pretty Much Charlie Sheen’s Whole Life

bender is shocked but also not surprised at all

He shot his girlfriend in the eighties, he is a multiple perpetrator of domestic violence, he fights with his bosses, and he’s actually a bad actor. Even without his recent “winning” drug binge, this dude’s whole career has been a long stream of lows, while also still remaining gainfully employed.


The 7 Weirdest Celebrity Low Points


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