The 7 Weirdest Remote Controlled Things You Can Actually Buy

Since remote controls were invented to make life easier, some people think everything should have a remote control. While they are very wrong, it won’t keep them from trying to make everything all remote-controlled anyway. Forget your conventional toys, we present the weirdest sh*t people have controlled with a remote control. Take a look:

7. RC Sugoi Mop

From the makers of the irresistible Space Ball flying sphere and the Gomiba Go RC Trash Can, comes the R/C toy we’ve all been waiting for — a mop! The promo video alone says sugoi (wow!). With a handset coming in the shape of a video game controller, you will spend hours cleaning your house and never complain once. It’s like, who are you? Really.

6. Lederhosen


For all you Bavarians looking for a good time with two AA batteries, perhaps the remote controlled Lederhosen fit the bill. Why yodel when this bizarre thing can walk around and do it for you? Wait, you probably want a frankfurter remote control too? Done. Plus it’s only $7. Put down the cow bell and go get it.

5. Tarantula

tarantula<br />

The perfect gift for the sick f*ck, this RC tarantula is the easy way to make people like you less! Terrorize your co-workers, friends, and girlfriend with this bad boy and pretty soon it will be your only friend, because no one will want to be around the creep with the R/C bug.

4. Beverage/Snack Float


You lazy bastard! Not only can you sit around and get fatter without lifting a muscle, now you can easily get drunk with this remote controlled floating tray! It holds five drinks, so you can get saucy in no time, even if you don’t own a pool. Take it to the neighbors’ place when they go out of town! Oh, but what about your nachos? Don’t worry, fat-ass, there’s a space for those too! If only this was sent up the Nile instead of Moses, the Bible would have been a much better read!

3. Eyeball Blimp


Sorry, but this one isn’t available in stores (and for good reason). This guy thought, “Hey, why not make a disturbing eye blimp in my spare time?” Okay dude. The cool news is, your iPhone or Droid phone can control it! You can store it next to your R/C tarantula.

2. Gutter Cleaner


With a range of 50 feet, this dynamo cleaning device has a cleaning auger that spins at 500rpm, and keeps your dad off your ass because the gutters are clean! That leaves more time for Call of Duty. And besides, it makes one sh*tty chore into a video game. Maybe next time, you’ll even volunteer to do it! (Nah, you probably won’t.)

1. Dragon


Airplanes? Boring. Cars? Snooze alert. A mythical fire-breathing creature that can reach speeds of 70 mph and only costs $60,000? Oh f*ck yes! Hammacher Schlemmer offers up the 9 foot wide monstrosity that lets you take LARPing to a whole new level! Not convinced? Okay, how about a miniature jet turbine engine roaring out it’s assh*le at speeds up to 500 mph? We suppose you’ll need it to be powered by Jet fuel too, huh?’ Okay, done. The dragon has all of the steering points of a standard aircraft, including elevators, ailerons, and a rudder, all controlled via a 2.4 GHz remote control. Have at it.


The 7 Weirdest Remote Controlled Things You Can Actually Buy


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