8 Actors Who Could NOT Pull Off Their Fight Scenes

8 Actors Who Could NOT Pull Off Their Fight Scenes

What percentage of movie fight scenes are actually compelling? Maybe 25? 30 percent? While most are mediocre, some are just truly terrible. It’s not always because of low budgets, though; sometimes actors just don’t manage to pull them off. Take, for example…


Halle Berry, Catwoman

Halle Berry already suffers from having to be compared to the greatest Catwoman of all time, Michelle Pfeifer. But the combination of bad CGI, and I guess bad fight choreography really sinks Berry’s attempt at being any kind of a convincing action star. I also don’t know of any other action movie where the stunt person is clearly doing, like, everything.


Jason Momoa, Conan

A lot of the blame with this one rests on the choreography, which is, quite frankly, stupid. Why the hell is Conan always swinging his sword in such crazy high, spinning arcs? It’s like he’s trying to die. On top of that, though, is just how bad Jason Momoa is with the sword; it almost is as if it’s too heavy for him, which is crazy, because that dude is an absolute tank. Like, he is huge, so it’s frankly shocking that he is that big and doesn’t manage to bring much brutality to Conan THE BARBARIAN.


Shaq, Steel

When Shaq was on the court, he was disarmingly nimble and agile for a guy as monstrously big as he was. On camera… well, he clearly left that agility and grace on the court.


Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck, Daredevil

Not only is this a great example of two actors barely selling their choreography, it also exemplifies the incredible chemistry that would keep them as a happily married couple forev– *someone whispers in my ear* what’s that now?


Tyler Perry, Alex Cross

Maybe he would’ve pulled this off better if he’d been dressed up as an old woman? Madea is 10 times more threatening than Tyler Perry ever manages to be in this one.


Ben Kingsley, Prince of Persia

This is a common problem, because movies love to have young, ripped heroes fight old guys and expect the audience to be like “Whoa, I bet the old guy’s going to win!” This isn’t the most egregious clip from the movie (surprise; people aren’t exactly in love with the thing, so there’s not a ton to choose from) but Ben Kingsley simply isn’t a hand-to-hand combat guy.


Sam Worthington, Clash of the Titans

Here’s why Sam Worthington is a really bad action movie star: Sam Worthington is a really bad movie star in general.


Steven Seagal, Everything For the Last Twenty Years

Hail to the king, baby. Lately in his movies, Seagal’s been doing his action scenes without getting out of his car. It’s amazing.

Of course, these actors could all still beat me up. I am regularly chased off by teenagers.

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