8 Actors Who Are Notoriously Difficult


Sure, being an actor seems all glamorous and easy, but I think even just memorization is hard, let alone the myriad of ways you can end up getting hurt. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you, the actor, should ALSO be difficult. But hey, why would people stop themselves from making other people’s lives harder just because they, themselves, have kind of a hard job? Here are the actors who everyone knows make things on-set, well, rough.


Val Kilmer


There was once a period of time when Val Kilmer was, like, the most popular actor in Hollywood. He was Batman, for god’s sake. Batman! You might be wondering “Gee, I wonder why his career flames out so hard?” Well, a big part of it might have been the fact that he was a huge jerk on every single set he worked on during pretty much all of the ’90s. Maybe his most famously difficult time, though, was on the set of The Island of Doctor Moreau — his co-stars complained about him in the press right after the movie came out, the director swore he would never work with Val Kilmer again, and even more horror stories came out once the documentary Lost Soul, which was about the making of The Island of Doctor Moreau, came out.


Marlon Brando


You know who else was incredibly difficult on the set of The Island of Doctor Moreau? Marlon Brando, the other enormous star who was in the movie. He reportedly didn’t care about the script at all, told the other actors not to care, and always wore bizarre pancake makeup, seemingly so that he could be played by his stand-in in as many scenes as possible. He was so loathed on set that Val Kilmer started doing incredibly insulting impressions of him IN THE ACTUAL MOVIE.


Bruce Willis


Lord knows, I am not the biggest Kevin Smith fan on Earth, but I sure can appreciate his willingness to talk trash about what a nightmare Bruce Willis was to work with on the set of Cop Out. Apparently, the former Die Hard star was rude, disrespectful, and literally ruined shots on purpose. Why would he do that if you hated working on the movie? It meant he had to spend more time working on the movie he hated!


Lindsay Lohan


Since she reemerged after her post-Parent Trap lull, Lindsay Lohan’s been a nightmare to deal with. But her on-set problems were documented when the New York Times wrote about her frequent battles with her The Canyons director, Paul Schrader. She missed meetings, threw tantrums, and refused to do scenes she was contractually obligated to do. It’s pretty impressive to make Paul Schrader, one of the most difficult people from ’70s-era Hollywood, seem like a cool and chill dude (it probably helps when you have the world’s worst parents).


Michael Pitt


This is a guy who was fired from two TV shows — Hannibal and Boardwalk Empire (the latter claims they wanted to kill his character from the start; who knows!) — and just recently stole a car from a commercial he was working on. There have been rumors all over the place (even on 4Chan, of all places) that he’s just generally difficult and disrespectful of other actors’ process, but then he “borrows” a car from a shoot without telling anyone. I mean, disappearing from set is bad enough, but in a car that’s not yours? Yikes.


Katherine Heigl


Shonda Rhimes, creator of Grey’s Anatomy, the show that made Katherine Heigl a star, has just straight up said that life is too short to work with people like her. Also, Katherine Heigel’s mom is her manager, so that all adds up to being an absolute nightmare.


Jared Leto


We all read the stories about Jared Leto sending his Suicide Squad co-stars things like anal beads and used condoms, but imagine being put through that kind of hell from your co-worker, only to see him give the kind of terrible performance Leto does in the movie. PLUS, he had the audacity to whine in the press about how he was barely in the movie.


Thomas Gibson


The former star of Criminal Minds just got fired for kicking a writer-producer. That probably qualifies as difficult.


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