8 Most Awkward Celebrity Moments Of 2015

2015 was a big year for cringeworthy celeb moments, some coming in just under the wire! Everyone from Drake to the Biebs to Kylie Jenner, seemed to be making us all want to look away in embarrassment. But of course we couldn’t. Because we live for watching celebs fail and pretending their millions don’t comfort them. We just love fails, we’re horrible people.Here’s a look at some of the best awkward celeb moments of the year.

Steve Harvey announces the wrong Miss Universe Winner

Not only was this one of the most awkward celeb moments of 2015, but maybe of all time. This moment is my favorite movie of the year. You gotta love when Harvey asks us not to blame the women. Typical man. We weren’t blaming the women. We blamed you because you’re the one who effed up. SMDH.


Bieber D*ck Pic

 awkward celeb moments 2015

If you aren’t a pre-teen girl, this was not an exciting reveal. It was just nightmare-inducing. I don’t care how nice it was. Literally the only way I’d be interested is if it was a micro-d*ck. Making things even more awkward was Justin‘s creeper dad, Jeremy, who tweeted the following:

 awkward celeb moments 2015

Madonna trips on cape

Oh man, Madonna looks great, but maybe her age is catching up with her? It’s easy to forget Madonna is in her 50s, but when she fell, I think we all were worried she might have broken a hip.  I cant wait to see 70 year old Madonna popping her…kitty.

John Travolta makes things even more awkward with Idina Menzel

 awkward celeb moments 2015

Scientologists really come off as robots pretending to be humans and no one illustartes that better than John Travolta. After mistekenly calling Idina Menzel, Adele Dazeem, at the 2014 Oscars, he made up for it at this year Oscars by being even more super effing creepy than normal. And that’s really saying something.

Madonna Kisses Drake

 awkward celeb moments 2015

Supposedly Drake was disgusted by the lipstick and not Madonna, but that didn’t stop everyone from making ageist jokes about Madonna, who is still freaking hot. Plus she can dance better than Drake. After seeing his Hotline Bling video, I think we can all dance better than Drake. I’d still let him murder my …kitty.


Jennifer Lawrence falls at Hunger Games Premiere

Call me when Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t fall. Why is it when she constantly falls she’s adorable, but when I do it people think I’ve been day drinking?

Kylie’s Kornrows

Can’t have a celeb moment list without a Kardashian Klan member. Kylie was accused of cultural appropriation by none other than Rue from the Hunger Games! DAYUM!

Kylie responded in typical Kylie fashion:

Then Bieber added his two cents for some reason?

Gotta love, young Hollywood throwing it all out there on social media.

R. Kelly Leaves Interview

Another one that came in under the wire, R.Kelly, “alleged” pedophile, didn’t take too kindly when a reporter questioned him about all of those pesky child sexual abuse charges and rumors. He stormed out like a baby. The best part is he said he was going to McDonald’s to hopefully get a McRib, which I’m guessing is code for picking up chicks in the McDonald’s Playland?


8 Most Awkward Celebrity Moments Of 2015

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