The 8 Best Moments From Samurai Jack

We’ve been teased, tested, and tried, but Adult Swim has finally announced the official launch date for the fifth (and final) season of Samurai Jack as March 11, 2017. When word began to spread last year that the milestone Cartoon Network show was due to be revived, our hopes for a proper end to Jack’s fight against Aku came back, too. Or really, never left…

For those who might not know, Samurai Jack told the story of “Jack” (we never learn his real name), a samurai warrior displaced in the future by the evil wizard Aku. The show ended on a cliffhanger but is coming back one last time to sew up the story 50 years in the future. The show went down in history for beautiful hand-drawn animation, creative action scenes (most enemies were either robots or didn’t bleed, so the action got grisly), and a top-notch voice cast, including Phil Lamarr as Jack himself.

In honor of the show coming back in a little under two months, we dusted off our old DVDs of the series and picked out a sampler’s worth of fantastic moments.

Meeting The Scotsman

Ah, The Scotsman. One of Jack’s signature frenemies, these two fought each other to a standstill on a bridge before being shackled together by bounty hunters hired by Aku. They’ve met a handful of times since episode 1, but it’s hard to beat tag-teaming a gang of pig bounty hunters.

Fighting The Three Blind Archers

I can hardly handle seeing without contacts, never mind having to navigate a snow-covered field guarded by deadly archers. Their ears are better than Jack’s eyes, but Jack manages to beat them at their own game. Your ears can tell you a lot if you listen to them.

Fighting The Shinobi Shadow Warrior

Samurai Jack always managed a balance between style and substance, and this fight between a white-clad Jack and a warrior who hides in the shadows is no exception. Easily one of the best black and white fight scenes you’ll ever see, animated or otherwise.

That Lone Wolf & Cub cameo during “Jack Remembers The Past”

The influence of Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima’s legendary manga series looms large over Jack’s adventures, but no more blatantly than when they show up in a flashback.

“Jack In Space”

In space, even Aku can hear you scream. While on a chase with a group of scientists, Jack is swarmed by an army of robot bugs that he has to dispatch with a FIRE SWORD. That is all.

Fighting The Soul Collector

Aku has tried a lot to get at Samurai Jack: robots, visions, bounty hunters, but how about a demon who collects the souls of dead warriors? Demongo spends an entire episode throwing the world’s deadliest warriors at Jack and *still* can’t take him down.

Fighting Mad Jack

Fighting your demons head-on is a scary prospect, but it’s even scarier when someone else sends them after you. After some crazy mirror matched fighting, Jack’s inner peace manages to best his doppelganger. That and the robe Mad Jack is wearing are just priceless.

X-9’s entire story

One of the best episodes in the entire series barely features Jack at all. “Tale Of X-9” hardboiled robot bounty hunter named X9 is blackmailed by Aku into killing Jack, and we all know how that ends for anyone who isn’t Jack. But the victory’s a hollow one because Jack was forced to kill someone he had no trouble with, and for dedicating that much effort to a heartbreaking story, we couldn’t pass X-9 up.

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