8 Choosy Beggars Who Made Themselves Look Like Total Dipshits

8 Choosy Beggars Who Made Themselves Look Like Total Dipshits

These people aren’t in need, they’re into greed and they want what you aren’t offering.

Do you make art for commission? That’s nice, they want to promote it on their page, but it has to be free or else you’re an asshole. I see you’re selling that 4K 55″ T.V. for $200. Awesome, but like, their grandma died last week so can they just have it for a dollar? Also can you deliver it to their place, free of charge? No? HAVE YOU NO HEART?! And don’t even get us started on the folks who think that “valuable experience” is an actual reasonable payment to be the photographer at their awful wedding.

You see what we’re putting down. It’s an infuriating crossover between entitlement and laziness (no we’re aren’t talking about MILLENNIALS, GRANDPA) and we gotta call out that bull when we see it.

1. You’ve made a biiiig mistake, senpai.

via Hdalby33

2. Ladies and gentlmen, we have a winner!

via Triforce_Oddysee

3. How DARE they suggest we pick up this free piano!

via smell_my_mule

4. How much is your eternal gratitude and love in USD? I need to pay rent.

via KingSpanner

5. I LOVE YOUR BAND but refuse to pay to see you.

via Xuitslu

6. I’ll do it but it’s going to be 6 letters of my choosing.

via Hdalby33

7. If you’re a poor student why the heckarooni you trying to buy Gucci?

via smell_my_mule


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