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8 Crazy Mall Meltdowns

8 Crazy Mall Meltdowns



The Chinese man who killed himself in the mall after his girlfriend refused to stop shopping

A Chinese man reportedly became so frustrated and angry with his girlfriend’s shopping that he leapt to his death from the seventh floor of a mall in China.

The incident took place at the Xuzhou Golden Eagle Mall in Jiangsu Province in December 2013. 38-year-old Tao Hsiao accompanied his girlfriend on a fun-filled shopping extravaganza that lasted over five hours, but was getting tired and demanded to leave. However, his significant other wasn’t having any of THAT nonsense.

Apparently, he was heard saying they already had more bags than they could carry, but she insisted on going into one more store that had a sale on shoes. Tao told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes than she could ever wear in a lifetime, and that it was pointless buying any more. She then shouted at him, accusing him of being cheap and ruining Christmas.

Tao threw all the shopping bags to the floor. He then climbed a 1.5m high railing alongside an elevator shaft at the center of the mall and jumped. He fell seven stories and smashed into Christmas decorations and a kiosk before hitting the floor.

Maybe he should have just broken up with her instead.



The girl who stripped naked in a shopping center after her boyfriend refused to buy her an iPhone

People are usually desperate to get their hands on the latest Apple product, but it could be argued that this woman went to extreme lengths in an attempt to secure an iPhone 6s.

After failing to persuade her boyfriend to buy her the latest gadget, the woman, who was caught on camera, stripped naked in front of hundreds of shoppers in a mall in China. In the clip below, she can be seen exchanging words with her partner before tearing her clothes off. It is not clear how the argument ended—or whether the woman ever ended up got her hands on an iPhone.

(I hope her boyfriend has already started saving for iPhone 7.)



The young man who jumped from the 4th floor of a shopping mall

On March 29, 2016, for reasons currently unknown, a man from Chile identified only as “M.S.” jumped from a height of approximately 33 feet while he was on the 4th floor of the Caracol building inside the Paseo Prat shopping mall in Antofagasta.

Surveillance cameras show M.S. transgressing the security barrier and falling. First responders were immediately called, and he was transferred to Antofagasta Hospital. His health status is unknown.





The woman who went crazy after a pie prank in the mall

A woman who was seemingly minding her own business on an escalator got a sudden shock when a clown slapped her with a cream pie, prompting a hilarious reaction. She stormed down the escalator, attempting to hurl her handbag and her shoes at the entertainer.

The amusing video was filmed by a series of secret cameras in a shopping center in Brazil and was shown on a comedy TV show.
It has already been viewed over 647,000 times on World Star Hip Hop, prompting dozens of comments about the woman’s priceless reaction.



The mall that was shut down after 2,000 teens fought

In December 2015, Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, KY was shut down after as many as 2,000 teens got into several fights, prompting chaos.

Officers say that in the midst of the fighting, some stores were used as safe havens for those trying to escape. Eventually, management decided to shut down the mall entirely. Police say they’ve since enhanced their presence there since another brawl took place on Black Friday.

Extra buses were sent to help clear out crowds, but police say as the mall closed, many of the kids went to other businesses nearby. Those businesses were encouraged to shut down for the night as well. (Source)


The man who got into a fight with a mall Easter bunny

An Easter bunny was involved in a mall brawl.

Kassim Charles, 22, the bunny in question, and Juan Jimenez-Guerrero, 44, the father of a one-year-old girl, brawled after she slipped off the rabbit’s lap while getting her photo taken. Both Charles and Jimenez-Guerrero were charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.

A video posted on Twitter shows the men exchanging punches at the Newport Centre in Jersey City, NJ near an area set up to take photos with the bunny.


The breastfeeding moms who staged a “Boobs For Babies” protest at a shopping mall

Breastfeeding in public is a right, not a privilege. Dozens of moms delivered that message loud and clear during a sit-in at a shopping mall in Bendigo, Australia in February 2016.

The moms sat in solidarity with Luci White, a mom who had recently been asked to leave the Bendigo Marketplace’s food court. She was asked to use a special feeding room after customers complained about her nursing her son, Zaydd. “When I took my son off my breast, he started crying and by the time we got to the room, he was screaming, and screaming,” White claimed. “It was a very traumatic experience.”

Photographs posted online showed dozens of moms nursing their babies in the mall’s food court. The mall later apologized.


The man who lost it after finding his submerged car at a flooded mall

CBS News 8 San Diego captured video of a man’s reaction to finding his car submerged in floodwaters in a parking garage at Fashion Valley Mall. The man in the video is Richard Spikerman. He is a server at Cheesecake Factory.

Spikerman is not alone in his frustration. His car was parked alongside several other vehicles that experienced the same fate. According to Spikerman, security never told the restaurant or anyone to move their car.

Fashion Valley was just one of many areas hit around San Diego County during January 2016’s series of storms.



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#5 “really funny” I swear, this woman should sue the store for such prank and she should win. People have no boundaries. Pity it wasnt some young person who could run down the stairs easily and simply kick the shit out of the prankster.

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