8 Cringey Nerds That Are Stereotypes Come To Life

1. Listen, if you wanna have an anime bodypillow, that’s fine. But please, do NOT put your NIECE’S FACE on it. (from huffleblox)


2. “Hm, this person hasn’t responded in 20 minutes. Better accuse them of being a ‘fake gamer’ and condescend to them for not living up to my own personal standard for what constitutes a ‘real gamer.” (from z_evil_taco)

Also – “*brofist*”? Jesus dude.


3. Please, please don’t friend your grandmother on social media if you’re going to be sharing anime memes. (from @2dpussy)


4. “Cosplay being my wife” is the first thing you learn in Opposite Pick-Up Artist 101. (from chiatru)


5. Oh no. Oh dude, no. Don’t make an alt-Facebook account for your anime girlfriend and have a faux-back and forth thread with them ON A PUBLIC FORUM. (from dovahkid007)


6. Excuse me, I need to go gouge my eyes out now. (from hugedrunkrobot)


7. Hey dude, it’s okay if you wanna be age-kin, but don’t be so friggin’ condescending. (from Oldhantster)


8. This is the worst nerd. Don’t be this nerd. (from EXSUPERVILLAIN)

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