8 Famous Classified Documents Way More Interesting Than The JFK Files

Conspiracy theories always come up whenever information is held from the public. In many ways, the absence of evidence leads to rumors, myths, lies, and speculation about what did happen and often clouds factual history.

Though some conspiracy theories may seem absurd, there might be a kernel of truth somewhere. Everything is perception after all. People feel something is not right because our experiences have taught us otherwise. But what if we got it wrong somewhere and believed a lie?

With the assassination records of President John F. Kennedy now available to the public, conspiracy theorists, historians, and the general public is clamoring for the release of other classified files.

Here are some of the most significant pieces of information and events hidden under the protection of classified documents that are probably way more fascinating than the JFK files.

1.The Penkovsky Papers – The spy who saved the world and then tried to destroy it

On October 17, 1961, the telephone in a room on the fifth floor of Kutuzovsky Prospekt rang twice and then stopped. Along with CIA, the MI6 was mounting one of their most successful secret operations ever. A man by the name of Oleg Penkovsky was working with both of them as an agent.

The legend of Oleg is well known in spy circles all over the world for he was a KGB colonel who worked in tandem with CIA and MI6. He is referred by many as the spy who saved the world due to the amount of information he gave both the American and the British intelligence agencies.

Unfortunately, he was later captured by the KGB. During that time, he was supposed to give three telephone rings if the Soviet Union was preparing to launch missiles on the U.S during the Cuban Crisis. Oleg, knowing his days were outnumbered, wished to take down the Soviet Union with him and didn’t reveal the true nature of his signal to his captors.

The phone only rang twice and luckily, both MI6 and CIA didn’t believe the signal to be real. They later found out about Oleg’s capture, and so the world was saved from World War 3. The Penkovsky Papers contain detailed information about Oleg and his deeds.

2.Operation Northwoods – The story of how the American Government planned to kill its own citizens to justify a war with Cuba

Yes, you read that cartoon correctly. Operation Northwoods was a false flag operation created by the US Department of Defence and the Joint Chief of Staffs.

The idea was that CIA, along with other Government agencies would commit acts of terrorism on both American civilians and military targets. The blame for these attacks would then be put on Cuba and the public support would help the US to wage war against the communist country. Some of the terror activities included in the proposal were hijacking planes, bombing public places and ships, city-wide panic and chaos.

Luckily, the Kennedy administration rejected the entire notion and moved on to actual strategies for combating Cuba.

3.H.R.Halderman’s Notes – How Nixon sabotaged the Vietnamese peace talks

If you thought there was a line that politicians won’t cross, you were wrong.

Nixon was up for reelection during the Vietnam War, and most of his campaign focused on the war effort. If the war suddenly came to an end, he felt it would hurt his chances at a second term.

In a telephonic conversation with H.R.Haldeman, Nixon told his aide to try and convince the South Vietnamese leaders to not agree to any peace deals until after the election. Though several people came out later stating how this entire act was treacherous, Nixon completely denied any such accusations.

However in 2007, Haldeman’s notes were made public which proved that Nixon indeed sabotaged President Lyndon. B. Johnson’s peace talks. Because of Nixon’s actions, the Vietnam war lasted for another five years killing millions of lives on both sides.

4.Martin Luther King Tapes – The controversial FBI tapes on M.L.K

During Martin Luther King’s rise to prominence in America decades ago, the FBI believed that there might be ties between Dr. King and Communist organizations.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was able to convince the Kennedy organization that an investigation is required especially during that current political climate. What they found was shocking. Martin Luther King apparently was a huge sex addict and slept with many women throughout his marriage. He was even heard arranging a sex party for himself and his friends.

Though the FBI released evidence of Dr. King’s hypocritical activities to politicians and major media outlets, none of them publicized it. Over the years many people have come out with information regarding Dr. King’s life.

Though there is no doubt he was one of the most charming, affluent and charismatic leaders America has ever known, it is interesting to see that people of extraordinary vision and persistence have flaws.

5.Operation Paperclip – How Nazi scientists were hired by the US

After World War 2, both American and British agencies started working together to salvage military, scientific and technological researches done by Germany.

During one such raid, the Allies uncovered a list showcasing all the scientists and researchers who had worked under the Third Reich. Operation Overcast, or Paperclip, was given to the mission for bringing the people in that list over to the United States to help the country in expanding their research in various fields of science and technology for civilian and military use.

Though Truman forbade the hiring of Nazis members or supporters, several officials within JIOA and the OSS ignored the President’s order and edited documents to remove any war crimes found.

6.Iraq W.M.D Report – The most significant lie told to American people in recent times

The US invaded Iraq in 2003 under the pretense that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction and that it was actively looking for natural uranium in Africa so that it could develop its nuclear capabilities.

However, in the Senate Report on Iraqi WMD Intelligence that came out after the war, it was clearly evident that several organizations within the government thoroughly refuted the idea that Iraq was hiding any such weapons or that it had any plans on mining Uranium in Africa.

The report came out in two phases, however, only Phase 1 was officially released to the public. The Phase 2 of the report was delayed for years before pieces of information started getting released.

7.The Watergate Scandal and the Nixon Grand Jury Records – The end of the Nixon era

Tricky Dick makes the list for the second time.

The Watergate Scandal led to the highly publicized impeachment of President Richard Nixon. Though several details of the scandal were made public during that time, bundles of information were withheld.

In recent years, the Nixon Grand Jury Records were released which had information about his indictment. During the course of his testimony, Nixon apparently denied accusations that the White House used the I.R.S to discredit Lawrence O’Brien who was the sitting chairman of the Democratic Committee.

More than the scandal itself, what these records revealed was the nature of Nixon’s personality.

8.Project Stargate – The program that tried to create psychic human beings

Project Stargate was perhaps either the most brilliant program ever created by an intelligence agency or the most ridiculous one.

Uri Geller was famous for having the ability to bend spoons with his mind. The CIA was looking for new strategies to develop weaponry and combat techniques that would help in the war against the Soviet Union. Project Stargate was started to investigate the potential use of psychic powers in military and intelligent communities and agencies.

A number of experiments were conducted on Uri Geller and some of the results will shock people. A random word was selected from the dictionary and given to a scientist who had to draw the object on a piece of paper. Uri, who was sitting in a different room, had to draw what he felt the scientist was drawing. He managed to get almost all of the drawings correct.

Years later, Uri came out in the open and revealed that he had worked for many years as a CIA and a Mossad agent during the Cold War.

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