If you’re anything like me and can’t remember where you put your glass of water literally five seconds after you poured it, knowing there are real solutions out there should help you rest a little easier. Highly recommended for forgetful space cadets everywhere, these ingenious devices will help you keep track of the important stuff—keys, electronics, pets, and yes, even people.

1. Tile

Price: $70
Tile is a blessing for anyone who just can’t seem to keep up with those damn car keys. Connecting with your phone via Bluetooth, the little tracker clips onto your keychain (or slips into your wallet or glasses case) and will play a loud 90 decibel melody to help you locate them. If you’re not within range, the accompanying app shows you a map of where you previously had them so you know where to look. Bonus: it’s also water-resistant.

2. Davek Alert Umbrella

Price: $79
You know what’s worse than getting caught in the pouring rain and realizing you’ve left your umbrella at the office? Nothing, unless you’re also carrying a very important cake at that exact moment. This umbrella will ping you via Bluetooth if you wander more than 30 feet without it, plus the app gives you the daily weather on your smartphone. How very considerate.

3. Bizzby Sky

Price: $TBA
Let’s say you’ve forgotten your keys or something a bit more sensitive like, Oh I don’t know, a flash drive full of tasteful nudes. Bizzby is essentially an on-demand drone service that uses GPS to physically pick up objects and bring them to you. Able to fly up to 400 feet in the air and carry just over a pound, you’ll be able to put your lost valuables out of mind and literally in the hands of a trusty robot.

4. Nest

Price: $249
Vacations shouldn’t be hard, but they are. You’re tired, you’re stressed, you left your son home alone and he’s forced to fight off two petty crooks with homemade booby traps. But, worst of all, you’ve left your thermostat on, and your utility bill is skyrocketing faster than you can say “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.” Nest is a genius new take on the old thermostat that can be controlled with your smartphone and automatically turns to an energy-efficient temperature whenever you’re gone.

5. Pixie

Price: $69.95
Pixie works by affixing little tracking devices to different objects (your wallet, iPad, remote control… your cat) and keeping track of them with your smartphone. The app creates a map of your apartment and everything you’ve tagged, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of multiple gadgets and gizmos using their innovative signaling technology. Just make sure you don’t lose your smartphone.

6. MyQ Garage Door Controller

Price: $129.99
I recall many fond memories in which my parents scolded me for driving off without closing the garage door. If you also suffer from this affliction, MyQ Garage Door Controller will check if you left the garage door open, and even allows you to open or close it when you aren’t home. The addition of a Wi-Fi, a hub, and the ability to interact with Nest (see above) makes this little doohickey totally worth picking up—plus, you can save yourself the wrath of your parents.

7. Tagg

Price: $79.95
Finding your dog is impossible unless you have a great, juicy piece of steak dangling out of your back pocket, right? Wrong! By way of an unobtrusive little device, you can monitor your pet’s surroundings and temperature, track their activity and rest, and receive an alert if they wander outside a designated zone. It’s the next best thing to having a hunk of meat in your jeans.

8. Locca

Price: $82.60
Losing your kid (or someone else’s) in a crowded supermarket or shopping mall is one of the scariest things that can happen—save for a rogue comet heading towards earth, or being served with phony child support claims. Locca is a hyper-accurate GPS tracker that can be attached to belts, backpacks, or lanyards to ensure your child or forgetful WWII veteran stays within arm’s reach. Not only does it work internationally, but the Locca Phone is able to connect with almost any smartphone or computer out there, and it makes emergency calls as well.



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