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8 Hidden Details in “The Truman Show” That Will Make You Paranoid

8 Hidden Details in “The Truman Show” That Will Make You Paranoid –




A Flash of Foreshadowing

This one is a simple detail but it’s that kind of realistic dedication to artifice that made the town of Seahaven so unnerving. Astronomers will notice that the lightning flash reflects in the moon, something that is impossible unless the celestial object was WAY way closer than it appeared to be.


He’s Got 99 Problems but Rickets Ain’t One

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This little detail has been highlighted all over the Internet because it shows how even tiny touches can do some heavy worldbuilding. This innocuous bottle of Vitamin D pills in Truman Burbank’s kitchen leads to all sorts of questions about how the studio had to deal with the medical implications of their television experiment. Raised in a dome, Truman would have never been exposed to natural sunlight, making him susceptible to all sorts of diseases. What else did they need to do? What’s his gut biome like without natural soil? Is the water flouridated? It’s the tension between intense logistical realism and whimsical fable that makes this movie leave such a lasting impression.


Shoddy Workmanship, or Brilliant Easter Egg?

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Eagle eyed film buffs noticed this small bit of scenery in the sequence where Jim Carrey is awkwardly positioned for the sake of product placement. The manhole cover (plumbing nerds please correct me about the actual term for this kind of small port in the comments) is awkwardly sticking out from under the building wall, indicating that it’s a hastily built facade rather than an actual building with proper foundation. Whether that’s because it’s a REAL film set or a FAKE television backdrop is in the eye of the beholder.


One Director Sees The Writing on the Walls

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While the core conflict of the movie is between Truman’s search for truth and Christoff’s efforts to maintain control, at least one staff member can see where the wind is blowing. Shortly after Truman begins to break the patterns in his world, one AD is seen nervously reading a newspaper, but not just for the articles. He’s reading the classifieds, already searching for a career that isn’t built on an expensive unsustainable illusion.


Everyone’s Doing Busy Work

Throughout the movie we feel the unease as the actors that surround Truman are forced to keep up the fantasy. If you take your eyes off Jim Carrey in the “paranoia” sequence you’ll notice that his so-called “friend” Marlon has to struggle to keep stocking his vending machine, since his fake job didn’t provide enough fake candy to actually keep him believably busy. You can also see various actors merely pretending to do their job, such as this street cleaner who’s mindlessly picking up fake litter to full an empty trash bag:


That’s No Ordinary Bib…

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Another “blink and you’ll miss it” joke is the travel agent who is caught completely off guard by Truman. The rectangular napkin on her chest suggesting that the actress was rushed into the makeup chair and had no time to prepare to be on-camera.


Till Death Do You Part…


Truman’s wedding ring is not a standard band of gold, but in fact a rather gaudy and tall piece of jewelry with a black jewel. This had been suggested to be yet another hidden camera, as it resembles several designs for hidden “spy cameras” that were available at the time. However this detail is more than just an Easter Egg, as the ring-cam was featured heavily in a deleted scene that didn’t make it to the final theatrical cut:


Is this a My Hero Academia Reference?

File this under “stuff you missed when you watched this as a kid at standard resolution”, but this one adds to the oddly oppressive nature of Seahaven. The gates in and out of town bear the municipality’s motto in Latin “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” which translates to “One for all, all for one”. The simple phrase is a giant red flag to the reasoning behind the town’s existence. Everyone is there for the benefit of Truman Burbank, whose life and freedom has been sacrificed for the entertainment of his global audience.

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