The 8 Hottest Baristas You Need To Follow On Social Media

The bikini coffee shop trend is awesome. I mean, “breastaurants” are popular, so someone just took that business model and applied it to a coffee shop. Whoever the genius who pioneered it is, I say thank you. And if the caffeine doesn’t get your heart racing, then these hot baristas will! Say hello to the sexiest latte pushers on social media, and goodbye to the headache associated with coming down from a java high.

These ladies are sure to be the pick-me-up that never lets you down. After all, they post so many pictures combined on their various social media pages that you’d be hard-pressed to run out of new angles to look at. Not to mention each shot tends to get better the longer and more times you view it. Now that’s staying power.

1. Rachel Barley

According to her Instagram, she seems to be doing more modeling than serving coffee, but I don’t have any problem with that.

2. Carlie Jo Howell

As Uncle Jesse used to say, “Have mercy!” Carlie has taken the “scantily clad barista” to the next level. She has a great *ahem* body of work on Insta and Snapchat @carliejoprints.

3. Eleni

Eleni seems to bounce around on Instagram. She used to be @EleniBarista, but that account doesn’t exist anymore. And this account doesn’t seem to be very active. If she resurfaces with a new name, please let us know!

4. Bikini Bean Espresso

OK, so this one isn’t one single barista you can follow, but all the baristas on their Instagram page are easy on the eyes. I should move to Arizona.

5. Natalie

Natalie’s Insta is set to private, but I’m sure if you bought something off her registry that she has in her bio, she’d let you follow her. Who knew being a barista could get you gifts?

6. Rachel

Tattoos and piercings? Count us in, and check her out.

7. Babycakes

If you can get past the weird quotes on her pictures, she’s a good follow.

8. Steph

Steph apparently had to get to work at 4 a.m. the day this picture was taken. Most people who have to be at work that early don’t look this good.


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