8 Internet Memes Then Vs Now

Scumbag Stacy’s real name is Amber Stratton, and she asked that her photos be removed because of some stupid crap, so who cares what happened to her? Not me.

I guess she really is a scumbag… Enjoy this censored image instead.


Scumbag Steve aka Blake Boston became an internet face when somebody nabbed his high school Myspace picture and spread it around the web. Today he makes rap videos and posts them on YouTube. memes_2

Overly Attached Girlfriends name is Laina Morris, and she’s one of the most popular to hit internet stardom when a video she posted of a creepy version of Justin Bieber’s song ‘Girlfriend’ went viral. A screengrab from the video quickly became a meme, and the rest is history!memes_3

Bad Luck Brain was in high school when a friend thought his junior class picture was funny, so he turned it into a meme. Now he’s older and has a Facebook page where he shares pictures of ‘bad things’ happening to him, as well as in his YouTube videos.memes_4

The Hipster Barista’s photo was first uploaded to Quickmeme 2 years ago, and the man in that meme is Dustin Mattson. According to his Twitter, he’s still making awesome coffee.memes_5

The ‘compliant girlfriend’ is actually a model and her meme image was taken from an advice animal series. Her real name is Emma Kathrine and she’s remains the pretty girl we’re all familiar with.memes_6

Success Baby Sammy’s mom shared the photo on her Flickr account of her 11-months-old, and it took on a life of its own as a popular internet meme. Sammy is currently a 6-yr-old and doing ‘6-yr-old stuff’.memes_7

Good Guy Greg got his start on 4Chan and quickly became the poster child for a ‘model citizen’ according to Reddit. He supposedly was a commercial fisherman and, he’s grown some hair!memes_8


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