The 8 Kinds Of Couples Costumes You Will See On Halloween

The 8 Kinds Of Couples Costumes You Will See On Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that dressing up for Halloween is also just around the corner. There are certain Halloween costumes that you’ll see every single year, and the same goes for couples costumes:


The “I’m Marking My Turf” Couples Costume


Letting everyone know you have a boyfriend is part of dressing up in a couples costume. The other part of dressing up in a couples costume is letting every other girl know that this guy is off limits, so don’t hit on him! The dude will be wearing something that his girlfriend obviously picked out for him, plus a pained expression. Chris didn’t want to wear this costume. Chris was made to wear this costume.


The Couples Costume That Reveals Waaaaay Too Much About The Couple’s Relationship


This couples costume is based off of an inside joke that only the couple shares. Nobody will know what the costume is supposed to mean. But somehow, everyone will know what nicknames they have for each other, exactly what happened the weekend they spent in Cabo, and all the weird stuff the couple is into. TMI, you guys!


Couples Costume That Doesn’t Match


Yes, this is a couples costume. No, it doesn’t actually match. Sure, it’s more accurate to call this a “two people who decided to dress up for Halloween separately, but are calling it a couples costume costume.” Don’t tell them that to their faces. They won’t like it. Just let them have this?


The Couples Costume That Forces The Couple to be Together for the Entire Night


This costume is perfect for those couples who are inseparable! Literally! If you want to spend several hours sweating in polyester while pressed up against someone else sweating in polyester, this costume is for you! If your relationship can survive wearing this costume, then your relationship can survive anything. Just don’t think about the logistics of going to the bathroom.


The Completely Unoriginal Couples Costume


You’ll see this costume at every party. In fact, you’ll see multiple versions of this costume at every party. It’s going to be whatever movie/TV show/political figure is popular at the time. And honestly, it’s probably the only costume the two people could agree on. Better to play it safe and go as Stranger Things than break up over a Halloween costume!


The Gender-Swapped Couples Costume


You guys, it’s funny because the guy is dressed like a girl and the girl is dressed like a guy! It’s extra funny if the guy is a “sexy puppy”. Because get it? Girls are usually dressed up as “sexy puppies!” It’s comedy gold! Dane Cook better watch his back!


The One Person Didn’t Actually Dress Up in a Costume Couples Costume

Jenna dressed up in an elaborate and complicated costume. Jake clearly didn’t understand the assignment. Jenna is wearing something that took her several hours to put on, and she had to hire a professional make up artist. Jake is wearing a t-shirt. After the party, Jenna is going to confront Jake on their relationship, question if he really loves her, and spill out every single feeling she had about him since before the moment they first met. Jake is going to mumble “Sorry.”


The Super Sexist Couples Costume


People dress sexy on Halloween. That’s pretty much the whole reason we have the holiday, right? But there are some pretty egregious things that turn “sexy” into “sexist”. Did your boyfriend make you dress up in a bikini while he’s fully clothed? Is your costume completely offensive but you describe it as “funny”? Does your costume involve knee-pads in any way, shape, or form? If so, then I’m sorry, but your couples costume is sexist. It’s probably better if you put on a jacket and leave the party. And also your boyfriend.

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