8 Minor TV Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Series

There is a rich history of spin-off shows focusing on minor characters — look at Frasier, or Better Call Saul, or Cory in The House. All of those shows are critically acclaimed series that stand alone from their source material and expand on characters that may have originally been seen as one-dimensional. ALL OF THEM ARE THAT. DO YOU HEAR ME?! EACH ONE OF THOSE SHOWS I LISTED IS AMAZING! NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Anyway, here are some other minor characters we would love to see spun off into series of their own!

Barry Zuckercorn, Arrested Development

minor character barry

Imagine a world where there is a Better Call Saul, but for Barry Zuckercorn from Arrested Development. It would follow the meteoric career trajectory of a man that just wants to know if this looks infected to you. And the best part is, the show could never go too far because it will have already jumped the shark.

Dean Pelton, Community

minor character pelton

Community has always been on the brink of cancellation, and now more then ever it looks like class might be out for good. But Dean Pelton could carry on the tradition of wacky Community College-based romps with a spin-off of his own. And much to the chagrin of Abed, this spin-off might open up new avenues to explore other characters on the Greendale campus that we don’t know was well as the beloved (or hated, depending on who you ask) Greendale Seven.

Jean-Ralphio, Parks and Recreation

minor character jean

The ending of Parks and Recreation gave us a look into its characters futures and generally gave them satisfying endings. However, there is room left the the Jean-Ralphio chapter of those flash forwards to find out what happens after he fakes his own death and is immediately caught. And you might think that an entire show of Jean-Ralphio might be too much Jean-Ralphio, but maybe Ron Swanson will be there as well to even things out. Like if they both were stuck in a Doomsday Preppers-type bunker together for an extend period of time. Imagine that show. Just imagine it.

Scooter, SpongeBob SquarePants

minor character scooter

If there is one minor character we all know and love from SpongeBob, it’s Scooter! How great would a show just about him be? His infectious laugh, his surfer attitude, his ability to have died in the Bubble Buddy episode but then show up in later episodes. That last one either calls into question the timeline of events in Bikini Bottom or posits Scooter’s ability to come back from the dead. Feels like there is a lot of material there…

Badger and Skinny Pete, Breaking Bad

minor character badger

The world needs a Badger and Skinny Pete VH1 Behind the Music-style documentary chronically there impressive jamming skills (shout out to Skinny Pete on the keyboard) and deeply insightful conversations. We can all be grateful that these two made it out of Breaking Bad more or less unharmed, but now it’s time to get down to the things that really matter — Star Trek fan theories and spec scripts.

Milhouse from Shelbyville, The Simpsons

minor character milhouse

There are many characters in the Simpson universe deserving of their own spin-off, but none more so than Milhouse from Shelbyville. His struggles reflect our own. Well, actually, not really. They more reflect the struggles of the other Milhouse. Perfect reflections in the tears of a dove…

Pigeon Man, Hey Arnold!

minor character pigeon

Who is Pigeon Man? Where did he go when he left Arnold on that rooftop? How were so few pigeons able to support his weight and fly him off into the sunset? Was that last scene all just a elaborate invention of Arnold’s mind to deal with the fact he watched Pigeon Man jump off the roof and commit suicide? Why didn’t Arnold ask him his real name, and instead insist on calling him “Pigeon Man”? If Arnold had asked him his name, would Pigeon Man have still jumped off that roof? All these questions and more need to be answered.

Herbert, Freaks and Geeks

minor character herbert

This one is actually doesn’t really count, cause Herbert wasn’t a minor character. In fact, he was basically the main character of Freaks and Geeks. But I do think they should re-release the show with the title changed to “Herbert”. Maybe that’s why Freaks and Geeks only lasted one season — people just didn’t know who it was they were supposed to be rooting for: the freaks or the geeks. In reality, we were all rooting for Herbert. It was always about Herbert. It is all for you Herbert.


8 Minor TV Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off Series

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