8 Myths About Boobs You Should Stop Believing



If you believed that breast implants last forever you’re wrong and, in fact, breast implants have only a 10-year warranty in the United States. If you’re hell-bent on getting implants just know that you’ll most likely have to get them replaced later in life.


It’s widely believed that once your boobs fully grow in that they stay the same size, but a small change in weight–even as little as 5 pounds–can affect your bra size.



Genetics doesn’t play a role in breast size is one of the most widely held myths about boobs that isn’t true. A lot of people will see differences in family members’ breast sizes and believe this to be true.



However, breast size is a factor of both genetics and environmental factors. Some women are naturally going to have larger breasts, while others can gain larger breasts due to weight gain.



Breastfeeding causes a woman’s boobs to sag is a myth that has been believed to be true for a long time. But, the main factor in breasts beginning to sag is age and not breastfeeding.



If anyone has ever told you that certain exercises will make your boobs bigger, they’re completely wrong. Breasts are made of tissue and not muscle, with some muscle behind the breast tissue but working out those muscles won’t enhance breast size.

Hormonal changes and gaining or losing weight are the only things that will make your boobs bigger–besides implants.



The thought that breast cancer is genetic isn’t completely false, but it’s also not entirely true as well. Numbers show that less than 10% of breast cancer is genetic, and the majority of breast cancer cases are spontaneous.



The size of your breasts indicates how much milk you’ll make is a myth that is false especially if a woman’s breasts fluctuate during pregnancy.

If a woman’s boobs fluctuate then you won’t be able to tell how much milk they’ll produce, no matter the size of the breasts.

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