Let’s all take the time to admit that Tinder has become the gold standard in dating apps. It’s a service that allows people to figuratively shop for men and women in the hopes of procuring a meaningful-ish relationship, and yes, it sometimes works. However, we should all take a step back and acknowledge that there are other dating sites out there in the world that can give us the same results. Or better.

As of last year, the pool of users on Tinder increased to over 50 million per month with over a billion swipes per day. People out there are thirsty, and you can up your chances of getting noticed by trying some of these other killer dating sites. End the sexual dehydration today!

1. AirDates

Good for: Frequent flyers
In those rare instances in which your plane’s in-flight Wi-Fi actually works, trying to maintain a conversation through spotty Internet—let alone set up a time to meet—is the unicorn of the dating world.

However, AirDates takes advantage of the fact that everyone’s stuck together on a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air by using multipeer offline connectivity during the flight to allow in-air communication. You can chat in the terminal via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and chat offline in the air, getting you that much closer to the mile-high club…the other unicorn of the dating world.

2. Glimpse

Good for: Instagrammers
If you’re into Instagram—and you are, aren’t you—then you’re going to love Glimpse. This photo-heavy app allows users to flirt by means of connecting via Instagram and allowing your photos to be the basis of the conversation. As John Cusack brilliantly put it in 2000’sHigh Fidelity, “What really matters is what you like, not what you are like.”

Glimpse pulls back the curtain and shows off your extracurriculars to potential matches. “People are really bad about talking about themselves. That’s why a lot of dating profiles are really boring,” says Elan Miller, one of Glimpse’s founders. That means there might be someone out there who plays with NERF guns as much as you do.

3. The League

Good for: Snobby rich kids
It’s been described as “an app for shallow people who deserve each other” and the “country club” of dating—but that might just be what you need in a world where anyone and everyone can join Tinder. The League hides your profile from friends, business contacts, and coworkers, lets you set ultra-specific preferences, keeps out fakes and bots, and utilizes a screening algorithm to keep the dating pool “well-balanced and high-quality.” The League offered a straightforward analogy to their site, via Twitter: “If you think of Tinder as an all-you-can-drink bar in Cancun, we are a high-end bar where you can’t wear flip-flops.”

4. Score

Good for: Twee people
Remember those quizzes you used to find in old magazines like Maxim or Cosmopolitan that would inevitably end up advising you to stick a finger up your partner’s butt? Good ol’ 1997.Score pays homage to those old quizzes by matching you with people based on the way you answer philosophical questions like “Sexy is…” You can find matches locally or globally, just in case your soulmate lives in Mumbai.

5. Bae

Good for: People who “get no love on Tinder
Yep, as in “before anyone else.” Bae works similarly to Tinder, but adds a layer of specificity by catering to an audience of black men and women. You can swipe, message, and type to your heart’s content knowing they will never share your information without your permission. It’s easily the best thing to come out of a freak misspelling of the word “babe.”

6. Pure

Good for: People who need to go on a date right now and appreciate discretion
While Pure isn’t as new as the aforementioned apps, it’s a fan favorite ’round these parts. Calling themselves “the Uber for dates,” discretion is the name of the game with Pure. Pure only shows you people who are nearby, and are up for a date right now. But unlike Tinder’s long string of damning evidence, your conversational history and racy photos are automatically deleted within an hour. This gives you privacy and a reason to act quickly.

7. Willow

Good for: Non-shallow people; networkers
There’s actually a lot more to Willow than dating. The idea of the app is to have people “branch out” (get it?!) and get acquainted with others’ personalities before their photo is revealed. Rather than swiping, tapping, or aggressively drooling over carefully-photographed pictures of skin, Willow begins the experience through personality-exposing questions and queries. That being said, the journey doesn’t have to end if you’ve decided you don’t want to marry the person you’ve met. Willow can be used for meeting new friends, trying new things, and just…well, branching out.

8. Once

Good for: Fans of FOX’s hit TV show 24
Following the speed model of raising the stakes by way of a calculated deadline, Once gives you 24 hours to decide if the person you’re set up with is “the one.” If you don’t make a move, they disappear. Once puts users in categories based on looks, hobbies, sexual orientation, and other factors, and sends over a hand-picked match. If you so choose, you can open the lines of communications with that person and make sweet, sweet, fire sauce. With the added element of pressure, will the one they send you be the one or just some one?



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