The professional baseball world has lost its damn mind. This season the food served at baseball stadiums might actually be crazier than minor league jerseys. There’s an 8 patty burger, a deep fried Oreo and a churro dog dessert that will put you in baseball food heaven.


1. Wayback’s absurd 8 burger patty will have Philly fans napping by the 3rd inning. Probably for the best.

Photo: @Phillies

2. The Minor League Kane County Cougars in Illinois are featuring the Heart Attack Burger.  It’s a half-pounder topped with a fried egg, Cheddar, bacon, bacon mayonnaise, and grilled cheeses as the bun, maybe not 8 patties stacked top of each other, but as the name states, you might die if you eat it.

Photo: @KCCougars

3. Another minor league squad the Wilmington BlueRocks partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts to create the Sweenie Donut Dog, quite possibly the grossest conglomorite of food in existence, or is it? The mixture of sweet and salty, umami goodness might just be so crazy it works.

Photo: @WilmBlueRocks

4. Atlanta Braves will be boasting this supreme nacho dog this season. Makes sense, until the half chewed nacho chip slices your esophagus.

Photo: ESPN Wide World of Sports

5. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Churro Dog might just be the fan favorite, it’s a churro placed inside a doughnut, and topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and whipped cream. This wins all the desserts

Photo: @Dbacks

6. The Inside the Park Nachos feature beef on a stick, mixed with fried beans, surrounded by Doritos, fried all together and topped with sour cream and cheese. Just booked my ticket to Milwaukee.

Photo: Delaware North

7. The $19 “College Daze” Bloody Mary is available at Minnesota Twins games:

Photo: Kent Hrbek

8. And finally: the S’mOreo. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A good ol’ Texas fried Oreo found at the  “Texas Fare” stand:



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