8 Phrases People Use That Let You Know You Shouldn't Date Them


“I’m a good boyfriend/girlfriend, but all of my exes are crazy.”

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and when a person is continuously at the scene of the flames, they’re usually the arsonist.


“I’m a free spirit.”

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This could be harmless, but it could also be a terrible sign. It either means “I go to music festivals sometimes and harmlessly stray away from my friends when we go out,” or, “Some random day, I’ll legitimately up and leave the country without warning, abandoning our relationship, selfishly tearing your heart out.”


“I’m a bad texter.”

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It literally takes mere seconds to text someone back. Responding within a reasonable amount of time is incredibly easy, especially when you actually like the person you’re texting. People who disappear for extended periods of time, taking 12+ hours, days, or even weeks to respond on a regular basis, are up to something, and they may as well be building gazebos with all of the shadiness they’re producing.


“I have no filter.”

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Meaning, “I’m going to say awful things a lot and instead of using my brain to refrain from being rude, crude and socially unacceptable like most people, I’ll sum it up to having no filter.” You aren’t the human form of contaminated tap water, needing some kind of Brita pitcher to purify your impoliteness. You has brain, try use.


“I hate drama and fake people!”

If you’re not in 7th grade or on a VH1 reality series, this should go without saying. Do you go around sharing your disdain for all obviously bad things? I hate food poisoning. I hate all the violence in the world. I hate ATM convenience fees. Of course you do, we all do, but by saying you aren’t a fan of drama, you’re saying you’re habitually involved in reality TV levels of childish theatrics.


“I always live in the moment.”

They’re probably definitely going to cheat on you if the opportunity presents itself. When people say they “live in the moment,” often that means they’ll disregard thinking about the big picture if a brief moment of self-interested pleasure is available.


“I prefer to keep who I’m dating on the low.”

Source: To Be Alpha

If you’re hooking up or even vaguely dating someone and they suggest it be a secret, think about the reason things are left undisclosed. The government wouldn’t tell us about aliens because the masses would panic. You don’t tell your friend it was you who cracked their phone because then they’ll be upset with you. A person who wants their involvement with you to remain classified is either ashamed of your existence or hiding you from someone(s). I’m not sure which is worse, but getting emotionally involved with either is like booking your inevitable stay at the heartbreak hotel.


“I’m an a-hole/bitch.”

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At least this one is brutally honest. They’re not just waving the red flag; they’re hitting you in the face with it.


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