8 Randomly Weird But Common Kinks

8 Randomly Weird But Common Kinks

Below is a list of kinks or fetishes that I have encountered as a cam model. The following topics are not meant to be brought up in a negative light, as it is not my intention to shame any kinks that viewers may have. When reading the following list please understand that it is NSFW, and that you should be 18 years or older to read this.

JOI/ JOE—Jack Off Instructions/Jack Off Encouragement

While some women reading this may think “How the fuck do you teach someone to jack off?”, it is actually a common fantasy amongst penis-bearing individuals. While it’s easy to make a hand go up and down the shaft, the way each woman describes it makes a world of difference. “Jack Off Instruction” videos on PornHub range from cute teens to full leathered MILFS, all the way to Guitar Hero-styled jacking off (Yes, check out “Cock Hero Porn” for further explanation).


Small Penis Humiliation

Yes. You read that correct. Yes, I will give you a second to reread that. Yes, you still read that correctly. You remember that guy from Tinder who sent you a picture of his *cough cough* below average member? Do you remember showing it to your girlfriend and chuckling in astonishment at how it stopped growing before puberty? There are in fact men who enjoy being laughed at and even degraded for the size of their man business.

Body Worship/Foot Fetish

While foot fetish is a common kink, imagine the perks of this kink? Having a man who appreciates the french tips you have on your toes—who may even pay for your pedicure, having a man who adores those strappy shoes you just had to have, and get this…if you aren’t in the mood, don’t sweat having to choke on a dick, sacrifice your hiney, or dealing with dreaded missionary while you fake the Big-O for the third time this week; instead, just stick those feet out and let him have fun with a good ol’ foot job. As a perk, feet massages are a more common occurrence as well.

Findom—Financial Domination

While this is a bit of a more rare kink, it is still around. Men (normally referred to as pay piggies in this kink) normally enjoy women (who are normally dominant) finessing their money. You usually have two types of Doms in this scenario: type one is the leather-studded Dom who commands her piggies to drain their bank accounts for her, and contribute their 401ks in exchange for her sacrificing her attention to them; type two is a very feminine, whiny type. She can be bitchy from time to time, but finesses money for her collection of Louis V.’s and always gets her way like the spoiled little brat that she is (in this community, being a brat is a good thing).


Yes, you also read that correctly. While not all fantasies go to the extreme of “Two Girls, One Cup” (if you are at work reading this, DO NOT LOOK THIS VIDEO UP—you will think me later), some do. I can’t vouch for said fantasies; all I know is that 10% of my time on cam is explaining that I do not deal with these kinks.


Ah, yes, the good old cuckolding category. The frequency in which I am asked by old white men to pretend to make fun of their cocks while being fucked by a beautiful Shemar Moore look-alike is quite shocking—nonetheless, it is a big kink, too. The common fantasy is being married to an old man and intimidating him by telling him how he will never amount to the person that is fucking you.


Do you remember that porn of the hot blonde who was walked in on while masturbating after the weird camera dude was standing at the door watching for twenty-plus minutes—yup, voyeurism. Voyeurism is defined as the practice of gaining sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked or engaged in sexual activity.


My theory on humiliation is most of the people within the subreddit “Roast Me” are into it, but that can neither be confirmed or denied. A lot of men get off on women rejecting them, as well as blackmailing them. The thrill of being told on and WHEN it will happen is the suspense building up to it.

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