8 Real Comics Fans Share Their Weirdest Facts About Marvel / DC



Ah superhero comics, one of the most pure and effective (and downright bizarre) forms of expression ever invented. What happens when you mix young nerdy creators with middle aged editors and have them all beholden to the IP concerns of major corporations? Something MAGICAL.

That mix of high fantasy, low pay, and tight deadlines has resulted in some real oddball events between the pages of your favorite characters. It’s that weirdness that was summoned by this prompt on r/askreddit :


“Comic book readers, what are some interesting facts that us, who just watch the movies, may not know about the Marvel and DC universe?”

Here’s 8 responses that left us in less-than-mint condition…

1. The Bat-Signal can only operated by a civilian temp named “Stacy”

image: WarnerMedia

Obviously, this fact from jonathanhn can change depends on the writer, but it was the official canon in Detective Comics #742  :

There is only one person who can turn on the batlight. Stacy is a temp for GCPD, so she isn’t officially associated with the police. Can’t have one of the cops turn on the light and “support” the batman



2. The X-Men once fought a villain named Eye-Scream whose power was REAL dumb

image: Marvel Comics

Dr. Doorknob enlightens us to the silliest mutant of all time:

Eye-Scream, he is a villain in Marvel. His power is to turn into any flavor of ice cream.

3. Wolverines claws were just supposed to be part of his gloves

image: Marvel Comics

calamitouscamenbert  posted a fact that was a shocker for any longtime X-Men fan:

[Wolverine] was not originally created as a mutant, and his claws were part of his gloves.

So shocking in fact, that I had to find an old blog entry by Wolverine co-creator Len Wein to confirm it:

While I readily admit that my original idea was for Wolvie’s claws to extend from the backs of his gloves (I figured that since Adamantium is indestructible, telescoping claws no more than a molecule thick could fit into those casings in the backs of Adamantium gloves, which had then been covered in cloth. Dave [Cockrum] and Chris [Claremont] definitely improved on that idea), I absolutely DID NOT ever intend to make Logan a mutated wolverine.


4. Tumblr rejoice, “Stony” was kinda, sorta, (not really) official!

image: Marvel Comics

Friendly reminder that comics always are weirder than anything the fan-shippers can think of, thanks to Taddare:

“Iron Man” and Cap got married.

Reed Richards was looking for a way to avert the civil war so he was checking alternate universes that did not have one.


5. Pink Kryptonite turns Superman…

Without unpacking the unbelievably convoluted story of Supergirl in the 2000’s, just accept that what lokigodofchaos has contributed to the discussion:

Pink kryptonite turns superman gay.

6. Turns out The Sub-Mariner isn’t like “Madonna” or “Cher”

ragbonehair drops another one that’s news to me:

Professor Xavier tried to kill his evil twin sister (who was actually an evil alien sort of cloned from him) in the womb, and she did miscarry but then lived as a group of cells on a sewer wall till she could grow a new body.

Also, Namor the Sub-Mariner’s surname is McKenzie. Which is somehow the oddest Marvel fact for me.


7. I have good news and bad news…

You might want to sit down for this one, because according to mrponkyshonk:

Earth 1218 is the earth that represents the world we live in [in the Marvel Universe]. All the superheroes exist in movies and comics. It was actually destroyed and put back together by Mr Fantastic.

For confirmation, I had to check the tumblr blog of longtime Marvel Comics Editor Tom Brevoort:



8. Superman’s Weirdest Power Ever


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