8 Social Media Behaviors That Probably Mean Your Partner’s Cheating On You –

Has social media made it easier to cheat? Well, the answer is rather complex. According to a study in the Chicago Tribune, it’s made it a lot easier for unfaithful people to hook-up.

“For people who are morally willing to and motivated to, social media offers an unprecedented opportunity to engage in unfaithful behavior,” Benjamin Karney, professor of social psychology at UCLA, said. “You don’t even have to find somebody who is in your neighborhood. You can flirt and exchange sexual communication with anyone who is willing to do it on planet Earth who is holding a smartphone.”

But, according to Business Insider, social media has made it a lot harder for cheaters to get away with it. “In America, 81 percent of divorce lawyers have seen an increase in the number of social networking cases in the past five years,” Business Insider wrote, “and 66 percent have even used Facebook as evidence in court.”

Think your significant other is cheating? Here are eight ways their social media habits may be a dead giveaway.

They Stopped Posting Photos of You

If your partner has stopped sharing photos of you — whether it’s both of you together or you alone — it’s time to worry. They may have friended their side piece and don’t want them to think they’re happy with you.

If you’re suspicious of your significant other, tag them in a photo and see how they react.

They Post More Photos of You Two Together

Conversely, posting too many photos of you can be a sign as well. If your partner is cheating, they may overcompensate to throw you off the scent of their adulterous ways.

They Attend Events You Didn’t Know About

This is a huge red flag. If your significant other said they were going to a sports bar with friends to watch the game, but wound up tagged in a photo in the club, it’s time to worry. Especially if they came home that night and didn’t tell you they had a change of plans. Even if they aren’t cheating, it could mean they’re going out to find someone new.

They Freak Out When You Touch Their Phone or Laptop

Innocent people have nothing to worry abut when other people touch their phones. If you really want to make them uncomfortable ask if you can use their phone to text someone whose number you don’t have. That’s sure to make them squirm, and then you’ll know they’re creepin’.

Cryptic Posts

Ever see those annoying, self-serving posts on Facebook where people are alluding to situations and people, but won’t say it outright?

Posts like:

“I guess I’m going to be strong for the both of us.”
“I feel like I’m waiting for something that isn’t going to happen.”
“Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them” — Anonymous

First of all, if you’re dating someone who makes cryptic posts, you should hope they’re cheating. Who needs someone that passive-aggressive?

But why are they doing it? It could be a way to signal they’re unhappy in their relationship or to lay some groundwork with their social network for a potential breakup.

They’ve Created Other Accounts

Unless the person you’re dating is famous there is no reason for them to have “burner” social media accounts. Especially accounts they didn’t tell you about. If you catch your sig-o with multiple accounts on the same platform, you should be as suspicious as a cop who finds someone carrying three cell phones.

Late Night Texts

Has your significant other has suddenly started receiving texts late at night, every night? Then something may be up, especially if they never received them at that time of night before. Night texts are frequently used to say goodnight or sext, and those aren’t sent between friends.

You Caught Them Texting and They Instinctively Hid Their Phone

You can’t fake a knee-jerk reaction. If you walked in the room and they immediately hid their phone, and then tried to play it off, take a look at who they are talking to. According to Psychology Today, “People who are behaving inappropriately and trying to hide it often have a heightened vigilance against getting caught, and you can see this in their automatic physical behavior.”

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