8 Stars Who Clearly Faked Their Bottom Half (And 7 Who Are All Natural)


It’s a bootyful world and we’re all just living in it. There was a time not so long ago where having big boobs was the Holy Grail for many in the pop culture world. Today? As Meghan Trainor said in her number one hit song, it’s “all about that bass.” With the Kardashians, Beyoncés, and J-Los always having their backsides celebrated (or analyzed), there are going to be more people than not who want to be included.

Nowadays it seems like everyone wants a plumper rump and is willing to go out of their way to make that happen. The question is how do they go about doing it? You could go the Jen Selter avenue and do a plethora of squats and other exercises tailor made for sculpting buns…Or one could go the obvious route that everyone seems to be going in….GET BUTT IMPLANTS. If you have the cash, why not enhance dat ass? You get to skip months and months of hard work and discipline; if that’s an option, why not take it? Let’s just say there are some pretty notable personalities that did indeed decide to go that route. Others? Well, let’s just say they don’t really have to do anything because they were blessed with a nice backside.

15. Fake: Jenna

The hallmark star of the “other” industry is basically the archetype for being THE blonde bombshell of her field. The cute face, the big boobs, the slender frame, yadda yadda. All of that was huge back in the 90s, but today? Yeah, while that’s still a coveted aspect that many seem to want to have, a shift began to take place and today more and more ladies are being celebrated for having curves. Jenna Jameson must’ve watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians or she started watching a crap load of Beyoncé videos because as evidenced in the photo above, she clearly decided to get some work done. This could be one of those cases where there really wasn’t any need for the woman to get any plastic surgery. Jameson bought her implants around her 38th birthday, opting to show off her new ASSet during a birthday blowout.

14. Au Natural: Jessica Biel

Remember when Jessica Biel stunned everyone with that white dress at the premiere of her 2006 movie, The Illusionist? Yeah, everyone just couldn’t believe her white dress and that smile she was packin’. Yeah, OKAY. Jessica Biel, who’s known to be incredibly fit and hot, couldn’t help but show off her derriere in this side shot. Her booty revelation immediately sparked rumors of whether it was fake or not, but make no mistake about it, her backside is au natural. Jessica Biel used to do gymnastics, which definitely laid the foundation for her much adored figure. In an interview with popworkouts, Jessica revealed that her trainer Jason Walsh helps her do weight training.

“…We do lots of circuit and strength training, especially for my legs and back, because it’s quite weak from years of gymnastics. I concentrate on making everything strong, and you’d can’t do that with just cardio.” And yes, Biel does a lot of squats.

13. Fake: Blac Chyna

Is this one much of a surprise? For those unfamiliar with Blac Chyna before becoming the main woman of Rob Kardashian, she has become famous via being a music video vixen, a stripper, and a with having a high profile relationship with rapper Tyga and a fling with Future. Black Chyna and Rob’s relationship is chronicled all over reality TV and is constantly in the tabloids. Looking at Blac Chyna’s frame, it’s easy to surmise that she has a rather large booty. Questions arose about its authenticity after the reality TV star posted a selfie with Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. Who’s that you say? Gee, he’s only a doctor who’s famous for booty augmentation! Chyna managed to turn multiple heads throughout the social media world when she looked to have a deformed posterior as she went to the doctor. Seeing as Black Chyna has clearly gotten plastic surgery elsewhere; it’s not a stretch to believe she went and got her booty filled with fat or implants.

12. Au Natural: Serena Williams

Okay now is THIS much of a surprise? Serena Williams, arguably the GOAT tennis player, is known for packin’ heat from the back. Her entire body is natural and thus has captivated the eyes of many fans for a number of years. Serena Williams is perhaps the shining example of being gifted with curves along with the obvious dominant athletic ability. There’s no doubt that there are many who want to replicate what’s sure to be a vigorous workout regimen. Serena, being the role model that she is, knows that she’s going to be an influence for women with bodies just like her. Williams is a perfect example of how the outlook of today’s perfect body image isn’t limited to a size zero. In an interview with People magazine the tennis star shared how she feels about her impact on other women,

“I’m going to influence a girl who looks like me, and I want her to feel good about herself…I love my body, and I would never change anything about it.”

11. Fake: Khloe Kardashian

The “other” Kardashian quickly shed that stigma when she emerged with an amazing new fit look that turned the heads of everyone and even (if briefly) took the limelight away from Kim in the world of social media. The most notable attribute of Khloe’s new body was well, her ass. Not only was it more fit, it was just goddamn huge. Now, anyone who follows Khloe knows that she does work her butt off, doing a bunch of booty-centric exercises. The early-thirty-something-year-old even went out of her way to dispel social media rumors of her backside,

“…It DOES bother me when people say that I got procedures done to my body because it absolutely discredits two and a half years of constant workouts…”, Kardashian said.

That’s A LOT of workouts. That said, if photos aren’t enough for doubters, Sherri Shepard went as far to tell Khloe’s fans to ask the bootylicious Kardashian where she got her implants, implying that she went to a well-known doctor for her derriere.

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