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8 Strange Sexual Practices From Cultures Around The World

8 Strange Sexual Practices From Cultures Around The World

As someone born in the Midwest, my earliest notions of “sexual rituals” involved little more than splurging on a four-course meal at Applebee’s, which was to be immediately followed by a marital commitment of sixty-plus years of uncomfortable silence.

What little I knew outside of these things I had gleaned from stumbling onto the warbling picture of a blocked-out Playboy Channel at two in the morning, or from passing notes in school, only to have a teacher intercept and read them out loud to the entire class.

In any case, some cultures around the world go way beyond our Amish-extremist-by-comparison standards for sexual rituals. To say there are more than a few shocking examples is quite the understatement. Whether it’s mutilations, traditions, or seemingly trying to knock out a bucket list of every tip Cosmo conjures up, here is a list of some of the most bizarre sexual rituals around the world.


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