8 Types Of Boners Ranked By Their Level Of Awkwardness

Boners, we’ve all seen them. Sometimes they make you giggle and other times they scar you for life. With each having its own distinct level of inappropriateness, a list of their ranking is necessary. They ALL could be avoided with just the right tech/gear!

8. The Morning Wood Boner


Waking up with wood is a natural thing. This is the only boner type men can have without coming off as a creep; just don’t come out of your room for mom’s pancakes until it subsides.

7. The First Kiss Boner

They’re inevitable, yet, a dead giveaway it’s your first make out session. If you’re 15 it’s cute, however, if you’re 37 suddenly it’s… awkward.

6. The Athlete Boner

We get it. Sports are exciting and can really get your blood pumping.

5. The Fake Boner

Fake boners take awkwardness to another level because it’s basically like shouting to the world, “I HAVE A TINY PENIS!”

4. The Bromance Boner

It isn’t a good look when you’re out goofing around with your dude-friend and his thong accidentally turns you on.

3. The Work Boner

Having an erection at work is a great way to freak out your coworkers. If it is a job in front of the camera like this weatherman, it’s a great way to freak out all of America as well.

2. The Weird Turn On Boner

Females don’t find it sexy when a man is turned on by watching Sex and the City, baking sugar cookies or reading 50 Shades of Grey. Um, awkward.

1. The Hot Mom Boner

Getting a boner while your hot mom in a bikini fixes your bathing suit has to be the most awkward situation of all time. They both have some explaining to do.

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