8 Unbelievable Fake Feuds

President Obama “drops the mic” in a challenge to Prince Harry

The U.S. and the U.K. have long been allies, but that doesn’t mean the two countries can’t go toe-to-toe in a little friendly competition.

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama posted a Twitter video challenging Prince Harry to the Invictus Games, an international event where wounded, injured or sick armed services members and veterans compete in sports.

“Hey, Prince Harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games?” Michelle Obama said in an April 2016 Twitter post. “Careful what you wish for,” President Barack Obama adds while a military officer behind him “drops the mic.” Prince Harry responds in kind with a very special guest. Watch below!

The prankster who fooled thousands of people on Facebook with a politically charged fake feud

A Facebook prank in which a liberal man trolls his conservative “friend” by commenting on every single one of the guy’s posts and calling him out for his ignorant views took the internet by storm in December 2015.

The man behind the hoax admitted he made up the arguments to mock the current political firestorm among conservatives and liberals. Screenshots of the conversations were shared with Reddit and users realized the comments were likely fabricated after one man pointed out that the profile picture of Cathy Miller, one of the women in their exchanges, was taken from the website of food blogger Alta Mantsch.

Eventually, the person behind the phony feud came clean. He wrote: “Can you believe people are falling for this? No one noticed that Brendan Sullivan is a fictitious straw man who was created to make all conservatives look like insular morons.” (Source)

The fake feud with a comedic genius who rocked the world of wrestling

Wrestler Jerry Lawler rose to fame in the 1980s, around the same time comedian Andy Kaufman was making a name for himself.

Kaufman would immerse himself so completely in his craft he sometimes enraged audiences with his various antics. At one point, he became obsessed with wrestling and toured America as the “Inter-Gender Wrestling Champion of the World.” He almost exclusively battled women and claimed he’d allow any woman that was able to pin him to marry him.

To promote his newfound wrestling career, Kaufman challenged Lawler to a match. He taunted the wrestler and his supporters in Memphis by speaking in a mock Southern drawl and appearing in videos insulting wrestling fans by instructing them how to bathe.

The two staged several matches, during the most prominent of which Kaufman claimed to have injured his neck. They appeared on “The Late Show With David Letterman” to discuss the feud, which led to a physical fight and Lawler slapping Kaufman out of his chair. Letterman had no idea the incident was staged.

Kaufman died of cancer in 1984, and it wasn’t until years later that Lawler confessed that the whole production had been a joke. You can watch the infamous Letterman incident and Kaufman’s taunts in the video below.
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The musical duo whose matrimonial discord may be a ruse to drive album sales

This story is still playing out—Lemonade has only just been released at the time of this writing—but it’s being alleged that Beyoncé and Jay-Z created a cheating story not-so-subtly hidden in the lush soundscape and lyrics of Lemonade as a marketing scheme.

So, there’s no “Becky with the good hair”?

Apparently not. A source close to the pair said, “They develop these storylines to sell albums. ‘Lemonade’ is a movie crafted to drive sales. Jay and Beyoncé are entertainers at the top of their game. Do you think Jay would release her album on [his own] Tidal if it really was all about him? He is 100 percent behind this.”

It makes sense to us, and we’ll know the full story soon enough—Jay-Z is rumored to be in the studio making a response record to Lemonade. (Source | Photo)

A comedian’s phony Twitter battle with a salsa giant

In 2013, comedian Kyle Kinane noticed that salsa maker Pace had favorited a tweet of his mocking the product, so he decided to test whether the brand was using a bot to follow any mention, positive or negative. He began making all sorts of obscenity-filled and insulting posts about the salsa, which just kept favoriting each one.

Eventually, the brand seemed to turn off the bot and apologized for “technical problems” with their Twitter account.” Kinane continued his assault of Pace, mocking their requests for a ceasefire and posting screenshots of the brand’s increasingly angry direct messages to him.

Soon, the account was deleted, but the Campbell Soup Company (the parent company of Pace Foods) denied it was a real account. So, who was Kinane sparring with?

Apparently, the whole fracas was a prank by another comedian, Randy Liedtke, and his podcasting partner, Brendon Walsh. Walsh had been retweeting @Pace_Foods posts for months before the feud even began. Kinane insists he was never in on the prank, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. (Source | Photo)

The producer who live-tweeted a fake fight with a non-existent airline passenger

In 2013, “The Bachelor” producer Elan Gale caught heat after live-tweeting a crass in-flight word fight with a fellow passenger on Thanksgiving.

The middle-aged lady, known only as Diane, was traveling with him on the same delayed flight to Phoenix on Turkey Day. “She’s telling the flight attendants that it is Thanksgiving. She wants them to know she wants to have dinner with her family,” he wrote to his over 150,000 followers, mocking the woman in seat 7A. “The male flight attendant said ‘I understand ma’am. I’m looking forward to seeing my family too.’ She responded ‘This isn’t about you,'” he continued.

Gale’s war of words with the flyer escalated quickly. He posted a series of hostile handwritten letters between them and even sent her a glass of wine with a note attached. “Hopefully, if you drink it, you won’t be able to use your mouth to talk!” he wrote.

But the rude note-passing feud was merely a ruse. When fans questioned the 30-year-old as to why he would make something like this up, he said, “Hopefully a few people got a few laughs over a slow Thanksgiving weekend.” (Source | Photo)

A rapper reveals the truth about his beef with a rival

Hip-hop beefs equal album sales, and no two artists proved that point more succinctly in 2007 than Kanye West and 50 Cent. Their rivalry even snagged the cover of Rolling Stone.

In 2012, however, 50 revealed the truth: “At the time, I had a stronger feel for the streets [than Kanye], before that competition and trying to compete with each other.” He continued by saying that he and Yeezy never had an actual beef with each other, and it was instead a beneficial publicity tool. “That was just to build energy because Kanye [and I]…we didn’t have no beef at all. You can’t stand that close to someone and take pictures for the cover of Rolling Stone while having a beef.”

The phony feud did the trick for both men—Kanye almost went platinum in his first week by selling 957,000 units, compared to 50 Cent’s respectable 691,000 units. (Source | Photo)

The wrestlers who staged a phony fight OUTSIDE of the ring

Everybody pretty much knows wrestling is fake, but the show usually occurs inside the ring. However, in August 2010, when two pro wrestlers threw down at a restaurant in South Brunswick, New Jersey they were indeed faking it, but caught the unwanted attention of some real cops.

Wrestlers “Balls Mahoney” (John Rechner) and “The Outpatient,” (John Kissell) were trying to drum up some interest in an upcoming match. While at the restaurant, one of them drew a knife on the other, which sent onlookers scrambling to their cell phones to dial 9-1-1.

By the time police got to the restaurant, the wrestlers had gone, but they didn’t get far. After reviewing the restaurant’s surveillance footage and talking with witnesses, police charging them with disorderly conduct. (Source)


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