8 Unbelievable Freak Accidents

8 Unbelievable Freak Accidents


The man who suffered a skull fracture after being hit by a runaway car tire

In February 2017, Roberto Carlos Fernandes, 50, was walking with his daughter in Ipatinga, Brazil, when a loose tire came speeding towards him. It came from a moving vehicle carrying a trailer holding car parts.

The tile bounced several times before smashing into the back of his head, face-planting him into the hard concrete. Fernandes was left with severe fractures to his skull and chest. He’s in the hospital in stable condition and is improving. See the harrowing accident below:



The bell ringer who was flipped upside down after catching his foot in a rope

Ian Bowman was visiting Worcester Cathedral in Worcester, England accompanied by 20 fellow campanologists (bell ringers) when he suffered a freak accident that left him with a fractured bone in his back.

Brown, 51, was hoisted a couple of feet in the air by a bell rope before hitting the marble floor of the church belltower. He said, “There were 20 of us there ringing. The rope went around my ankle, and it took me from standing to upside down in seconds.” He was eventually brought down from the bell tower to the church floor on a spinal board by firefighters.

The cathedral’s bell tower contains 16 bells, including a Bourdon bell. Together they weigh 16 tons and are the fifth heaviest ring in the world. (Source)


The doorman who died in a freak accident while shoveling snow

A Manhattan doorman, Miguel Gonzalez, 59, was clearing the stairs leading from the sidewalk to the basement lobby entrance of 333 East 93rd St. when he lost his footing while shoveling snow. He tumbled down the stairs, and his throat was slit as his head crashed through the door. Gonzalez suffered deep cuts to his neck and face and was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital, but couldn’t be saved.




The man who was decapitated by an electrical cable while riding his motorcycle

Mayur Devrukhkar, 26, of Sangameshwar, India was decapitated as he rode his motorcycle to work. He clotheslined into an electrical cable that had snapped and got entangled with a truck passing in the opposite direction. His head was sheared clean off his body when as he rode through the wire.
(Source | Photo)


The dog walker whose fatal fall may have been caused by his client’s dogs

53-year-old dog walker Christian Dallett died after he was overpowered by two of his client’s pooches in Brooklyn, New York. Dallett tumbled down stairs to his death when he went to his client’s second-floor apartment to pick up their dogs. He lost control of the animals, and was either pushed or knocked down the steps, police sources said. (Source)


The farmer who was trapped underwater and did yoga to save himself

Farmer Daniel Miller was riding a three-ton excavator when it slid into a boggy swamp and pinned him underneath. To get air, the 45-year-old kept his nose above water by striking a yoga pose. Unbelievably, he stayed in that position for FIVE hours until a neighbor heard him shouting 500 meters away. “I was trapped and had to keep my head up above water using my arms; I guess it was the cobra position,” he said. “I’m not a yogi, but I guess you could say yoga saved my life. That and the will to live.” (Source)


The man who died after a random encounter with a deer

Deer are typically docile, but it’s always good to remember that they are wild animals and anything can happen.

A Weiser, Idaho, man, William Woo, 58, died following an encounter with a deer. He came around a corner of the barn on his parent’s property and apparently startled several deer that had come down to feed on hay on the property. One of the deer reared up, causing Woo to fall, but it is unclear if the animals or its hooves came in direct contact with him.

Paramedics transported Woo to the hospital, where he later died, but his cause of death is not being released for medical privacy reasons. (Source | Photo)


The man who claimed his dog shot his girlfriend while she was sleeping

A Jacksonville, Florida man claims his dog shot his girlfriend in the leg.

The couple was asleep when they were woken up by their dog, Diesel. The man let Diesel out to go to to the bathroom, and when he came back in, it is believed he jumped on the nightstand in the dark bedroom where the man’s girlfriend was still sleeping. The man saw a “flash and a bang” when the dog jumped, which turned out to be a Springfield XD40 gun discharging. The 25-year-old woman was hit in the leg and taken to Orange Park Medical Center with nonlife-threatening injuries.
(Source | Photo)


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