8 Unbelievable Moments From Burning Man 2017

8 Unbelievable Moments From Burning Man 2017


An attendee dies after running into the “Man Burn.”

An Oklahoma man, Aaron Joel Mitchell, 41, died at the festival—his first—after jumping into the flames during the event’s “Man Burn.”

Mitchell pushed his way through layers of security and fencing and dove into the all-consuming fire that was eating away at the giant wooden framework totem whose immolation gives the weeklong festival its name. He was pulled from the fire and airlifted to the UC Davis hospital burn center, but soon succumbed to his wounds.

According to reports, Mitchell was not under the influence of alcohol, but a toxicology test is pending to see if he was on drugs, which are highly popular at Burning Man.

Videos of the tragedy have surfaced on YouTube and other outlets. (Source)


Google employees ship live lobsters to the Playa

Burning Man has long been labeled a place for San Francisco’s tech elite to party in high style, and Google has done little to dispel that distinction. Case in point—live lobsters shipped directly to Black Rock City.

Google employees had the crustaceans flown over 3,000 miles from Maine to enjoy during the festivities. Trenton, Maine’s Lobster207, shipped the 10lb box, carrying approximately eight to 10 lobsters.

Lobster207 manager David Sullivan said that it was the first time live lobsters made the trip to Burning Man. “I would guess, by talking to the guys from Google, that they thought it was a really cool idea to say, ‘Hey we got Maine lobsters all the way from the east coast from the cold waters of Maine out here to the desert.'”

The Googlers were pretty happy with their “catch,” saying it was “very fresh and lively.” (Source)


Paris Hilton keeps it simple on the Playa

Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress who always seems to be living her best life in any situation, posted images from the Playa on social media. Ever socially conscious, Hilton appears to be adhering to the festival’s strict “no-MOOP” policy, which means she steered clear of glitter and superfluous feathers so as to “leave no trace” in the desert. (Source)


Juicer startup fails as founder frolics in Black Rock City

What do you do when your startup fails? Party on the Playa, of course!

Juicero founder and raw food evangelist Doug Evans is the maker of a wi-fi enabled juicer originally priced at $700. But the product soon became a punchline after a Bloomberg story pointed out that the company’s juice packs could be squeezed by hand right into a glass for roughly the same effect as using the juicer. The machine had been reduced to $400, but the company has been squeezed dry.
Bankruptcy looms and sale of the Juicero Press and Produce Packs has been frozen. Employees received their 60-day notice on September 1.

Evans posted the above image from the Playa on the same day. A metaphor, perhaps? (Source)


Victoria’s Secret models play in Black Rock City

Like Coachella, Burning Man has also become a scantily-clad celeb hotspot. This year, just about every major Victoria’s Secret model attended in some very forward-thinking underwear-centric ensembles.

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The art on the Playa never ceases to amaze

The city is no more, but the art remains—in photos, anyway. Check out a few of the fabulous structures that made it out to the Playa, of which there are at least 320 in total, made by artists who stuck to this year’s theme of “Radical Ritual.”

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Unique events make Burning Man a festival to remember

You’ve seen the art, you’ve seen the costumes, but what do people actually DO at Burning Man? Well, if this list is any indication, a lot. And it’s a whole lot of fun. Here are just some of the many events revelers took part in:

• Slutty mini golf
• Bad Idea Bar
• Polegasms (Any attendees want to fill us in?)
• Bill Murray Happy Hour
• Postcards to your Future Self
• Socially Appropriate Nose Picking Day
• Truth or Date Giant Jenga
• Unicorn Cycling Workout

Burning Man—where fun and games are taken to unimaginable extremes. (Source | Photo)


Burning Man 2017 almost didn’t happen

Burning Man almost didn’t happen—because of a nearby brush fire.

When the festival was scheduled to start, the route between Reno, Nevada and Black Rock City was closed due to a fast-growing wildfire that had burned more than 30,000 acres of land. For a while, officials worried the fire could encroach on the festival itself.

The Tohakum 2 fire had shut down both directions of Highway 447 between the communities of Nixon and Empire, according to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Overall, 92,000 acres have burned in total and the fire, as of this writing, is 82% contained. And, as you already know, Burning Man went off without a hitch.


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